Monday, July 23, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Lincoln

My sweet Lincoln turned 3 on the 14th of July.  The 17th marked six months since he was diagnosed with Leukemia.  I like to imagine what his Birthday will be like next year.  I’m expecting things to be so much better.  We’ll be able to go to the park or go swimming and be out in public without having to worry so much about germs.  We won’t be in the hospital.  Thoughts of an easier future are what I hang onto.

The boys, myself and my dad arrived arrived in North Carolina late at night on Sunday the 8th.  We unpacked for two days and then Lincoln was admitted to his new Hospital on the 11th.  We were there over his Birthday and all things considered it turned out pretty well.  The childlife staff was great and when they found out he’d be there on his Birthday they helped us throw him a party complete with balloons, Elmo cake, decorations and presents.  He really had a good time, and it was a nice distraction from the long, boring hospital days.   P1040707 (1280x961)P1040700 (1280x961)

Sawyer has learned how to ride the IV pole too and thinks it’s pretty sweet.

P1040717 (961x1280)P1040720 (961x1280)

Look at my Dad in these pictures.  It makes me laugh so hard.  He was pretty awesome that week.  He helped me drive to North Carolina and then extended his plane ticket to watch Sawyer while I was in the hospital with Lincoln.  Thanks Dad.  You really did rise to the occasion.  We were really impressed.P1040729 (1280x1087)P1040732 (1280x1064)P1040737 (1280x961)P1040751 (1280x961)P1040750 (1280x961)P1040754 (961x1280)P1040758 (961x1280)P1040761 (961x1280)P1040766 (961x1280)P1040772 (1280x961)P1040770 (961x1280)P1040777 (1280x961)

Tanner is the other dermatology resident who started with Ryan this year.  He and his wife Meghan came to Lincoln’s party.  We plan on becoming good friends with these two.P1040778 (1280x961)

Other Random Thoughts

New house.  Love it!  It’s so big and spacious and new compared to anything else we’ve ever lived in.  I’m itching to decorate and will surely blog it once I do.

New neighborhood.  Fabulous.  I feel like I’m living in the Truman Show neighborhood.  All the yards and lots are big, green and well kept.  There is a neighborhood pool a block away.  The side walks don’t have huge, gaping cracks like in Pittsburgh.  Everything is new and fresh and I love how it makes me feel. 

Jogging.  Greenville is very flat…and ironically I miss the hills of Pittsburgh when I jog.  They gave variety and challenge to my run.  But more than the hills I miss my jogging partner Jessica.

New Hospital.  The staff is really nice, but the facility doesn’t hold a candle to UPMC.  The hospital rooms are probably a third the size, and the playrooms even close to as nice.  But the most frustrating thing if the playrooms are only open 4 hours a day.  In Pittsburgh they were open 24/7.  With small rooms and limited playroom hours they days can get really long. 

People in Greenville.  They are so friendly.  They wave and smile and hold the door open for eachother.  They have the most charming southern accents and part of me really hopes to adopt one by the time I leave. 

Overall I feel really good about Greenville, North Carolina and think we’ll be just fine here.


Ali Snow said...

I love Dad's face in that pic. Priceless. I'm so glad he was able to go out there to help you. And I think that playroom looks much bigger than a closet! What a fun room! And if that doesn't hold a candle to the one it Pittsburgh well then I guess the one in Pville was pretty awesome.

Heather said...

Looks like it was a pretty fun birthday for Lincoln! Party hats, balloons, Elmo cake- all the most important things really!

Glad to know the Harris family is off to a great start in Greenville!

DC Diva said...

Happy Happy 3rd Birthday Lincoln! We will never forget this one and we will NEVER repeat it this way again! I love you!

Now for your Papa... OH MY! Awesome he wore his Cavaliers shirt. You know that was intentional. Weird he wore his hat like a drunk unicorn. Struggs he couldn't be ready for any of the pictures??? Oh Papa! Way to rise! WAY TO RISE! (totally new family motto. inspired by that silly wedding eve hike. you're welcome.)

I'm w/ Ali... I thought that playroom looked great! Guess it's all relative and that does bug that it's only open 4 hours a day. But think -- you'll spend so much less time at this hospital! One more week! One more week!

Yes, please adopt an accent. Pretty sure Carolina accents are my favorite. 2nd to British/Irish of course.

Of course you're already running and of course you already have great peeps w/ friend potential. Wonderful!

DC Diva said...

P.S. Gotta change your blog title sister.

Atrena Holm said...

Your dad totally made me laugh! I'm glad you like it there. The pool will be a life saver in the summers! I MISS YOU! This week has been off to a rough start for me and reading your blog just put things in perspective. I LOVE YOU and miss our playdates!

mccall said...

So glad you're so happy. Greenville sounds like a dream :) I miss you!

Ярослав said...

cool :)