Sunday, May 10, 2009

I am Loved.

This week I have felt so loved and special. I truly have the GREATEST mom, sisters, and friends in the world. On Thursday I got a huge five foot tall box delivered to my work and inside was a ton of presents from my mom for my nursery. She hand-made all of baby Harris's bedding including a bumper, blanket, bed skirt and a bunch of burp rags! She also included a stuffed monkey, glass piggy, cool funky rug and multiple bed sheets. Is she not amazing? It really made me more excited than I ever have been for this baby to arrive. I love all of it!

Then on Friday one of my very best friends Angie threw me a baby shower where I was visited by so many wonderful friends and showered with fabulous gifts. Thanks to all of my friends who came and helped with food, and a special thanks to Angie for hosting the party and being so supportive through-out all of my pregnancy drama the past couple years. I love you Angie!

(Abby Warden made these fabulous, festive cup-cakes! She is so
talented in the kitchen. Thanks Abby!)
Wendy came down for the party too. She is the third person who I owe a huge thank you to! She spent the weekend completely helping me organize, shop and plan for Baby Harris. She was such a big help and we got so much done. It was nice to have her tackle Babies 'R Us with me and give me advice on what I really need and don't need. I feel much more prepared, and it's all because of her. She has also been such a huge emotional support over the past couple years. And thanks to Ali and Lisa for the baby monitor! I love you both and felt your love from afar.

Wendy's gift was super thoughtful. She gave me her 9 "must haves" for a baby, all personalized with notes and explanations of why the particular product is the best.

Thanks everyone for a wonderful week of love and support.

We never got any standing profile pics this weekend to show how big I've gotten since last time, so Wendy took this today....32 weeks!