Friday, September 12, 2008


I certainly don't consider myself one to freak out over the occasional bug or spider and will usually grit my teeth, grimace, squash the thing and then run like lightening to the toilet. Last night was a serious exception. After a long day of work, yoga, and med-wives meeting, I came home at 9:30 with this greeting me in my bathroom.

I may have had my first panic attack. Is it just me, or is this a baby trianchula? Of course, Ryan is out of town and I'm all by myself. Luckily I have several friends in my complex so I started calling them, hoping one of their husbands could hurry over and remedy the situation. Of course, their husbands were all off studying, but a couple of my girlfriends came rushing over for support.

After they saw the magnitude of this creature and realized I wasn't just being a wimp, they set off for help. Finally, we stopped this poor, random guy who was on his way to a poker game and apparently lives below me, and asked him if he would kill it for us. I think when he saw it he was a little taken aback, but at this point there were three girls watching and waiting for him to save the day, so he rose to the occasion like a champ. The girls didn't watch and gathered at the other side of the apartment, but it sounded like a battle zone in the bathroom as random joe took off his shoe and went to town.

I am still haunted and continue to hallucinate spiders in ever corner of my apartment. How did that thing get in here? We're on the second floor! I love the East coast, but I am not a fan of the colossal, creeping, creatures that live here.