Monday, July 23, 2012

Independence Day

This year on the fourth of July Sawyer was in Detroit with his cousins, Ryan was in NC moving us into our new house, and I thought Lincoln and I were going to be in the hospital watching fireworks from our 9th floor window.  Lincoln’s counts ended up being too low to receive treatment, so we stayed with some awesome friends and enjoyed the fourth with our family away from family.  So many of our friends gathered and Barbequed and then did fireworks at the baseball park in our neighborhood.  I ended up leaving Pittsburgh the following day because Lincoln’s counts were still to low to be admitted and I’m glad I got to hang out with all my amazing friends one last time before I left.  I can’t express how much they mean to me and how grateful I will forever be for all there support and help the past six months.  This blog and this blog did a better job documenting the 4th festivities.  I had my bad camera and only room on my memory card for a couple pics.  God bless America.  Yay for sparklers and street fireworks.  IMG_8086 (960x1280)IMG_8088 (853x1280)IMG_8092 (1280x853)IMG_8094 (1280x853)IMG_8096 (1280x851)


Ali Snow said...

Happy 4th! Remember how 2 years ago we celebrated the 4th at the cabin and Lincoln was sick the whole time and ended up in the hospital that night? Poor kid.

DC Diva said...

"Sawyer was in Detroit... Ryan was in NC... and my sister had a baby screaming down her birth canal." It truly was a 4th to remember! We've now had a lot of those in our family. How about no more anyone in the hospital on the 4th ever, mkay?