Monday, October 25, 2010

Lit bit of this, little bit of that

How cute are warm, footed, onesie pajamas? I want him to stay little enough to wear these and be cute in them always.

IMG_6414IMG_6411We heard that the Andy Warhol museum was free last weekend as a part of Pittsburgh’s Radical Days so we went and checked it out. It was cool…not cool enough to spend $30.00 though so we were glad we went on a free day. However, I’d recommend skipping the top floor….lots of racy photos of Marilyn Monroe. Lincoln


Then we walked one of the bridges downtown. Pittsburgh is really pretty at night.


Backtracking a bit…I turned 28 on the 14th. It was a non-eventful day except for the fact that Ryan’s sister, husband and kids came to visit that night from Detroit. It was so great to see them! They are such cute kids and it had been way to long.

IMG_6365 Last time I saw Maya she was Lincoln's age. Such a doll.


Still haven’t been able to bring myself to cut Lincoln’s hair. It’s getting pretty crazy.


Friday, October 15, 2010

To cut or not to Cut

It’s hard to imagine Lincoln without his auburn, flowing locks.  It’s kind of his trademark.  While I love that mop of hair, lately it’s been a little too unruly.  Sometimes it’s really cute.

IMG_6342IMG_6346     IMG_6351  


Other times, like when he’s mad and sweaty…which happens at least once a day, it looks pretty bad.




Ideally I would just trim it…but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to sit still for me and if by some miracle he did I don’t think he’d let me do every couple weeks which is what trimming would require.  Last time I cut it I took a good bit off, and he did sit still but I’m doubtful he’ll be that good again.  So what do you think?  Go all or nothing?  Try and Trim?  Let it grow and flow?  I’m torn.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Super Mom

Today I feel like Super mom and am quite proud of myself. This is the beginning of week two being home alone with both baby boys, and how did we spend the morning? At the zoo. That's, Lincoln and Sawyer went to the zoo. I was wondering if I was crazy the whole drive there and thinking about how potentially disastrous it could be, but I just had to get out of the house. Mostly because Lincoln drives me crazy! When we don't have outings he gets so whiny, and he clings to my legs, and he's so bored, and I can't handle it. The zoo is only about a mile away and we have season passes so I decided to try it on my own. Result = success!

I had Sawyer in the Bjorn and Lincoln in the stroller. I had to time it right and make sure Sawyer was feed and sleepy otherwise it never would have worked. Can you imagine me trying to nurse Sawyer at the zoo excepting Lincoln to just chill in his stroller and wait patiently for us to finish? Ya right. I timed it right and Sawyer slept the whole time. He is such an angel baby. We kept a fast pace and walked the whole zoo in an hour. I let Lincoln out of the stroller twice. One time he went back in without too much of a fight and the other time two random ladies had to help me wrestle him back in while he screamed his head off. But like I said, overall it was a success, and I just may do it again. I got a kick butt workout, we got out of the house, and we saw a bear throwing his food at the wall. Who could ask for anything more?

This picture was not taken today but this is how I spend a good chunk of my days. It was right after I finished working out...thus the outfit. Thank Heavens for the Bjorn...Sawyer lives in it. I'm glad I'm getting the hang of things with two babies. Maybe in a couple years I'll think about adding a third!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Sawyer’s Nursery and Blessing Day

The day my amazing mother left was the day my amazing mother-in-law arrived. I have been so lucky to have so much help since Sawyer was born. Sylvia was awesome. She was so helpful in so many ways. The woman is so self-less. She cooked, cleaned, let me sleep….she even recalked my bathroom! Lincoln had a great time with her and we all miss her so much.



Sylvia brought these cute little outfits for the boys.

While Sylvia was here we finished Sawyer’s nursery. My mom helped me plan it all out and get everything started and Sylvia and I finished it up. I love it! I wasn’t planning on doing any kind of nursery at all for Sawyer because I didn’t want to spend the money, but after a few great finds on Craigslist and a few gifts from my mom one thing lead to another and now he has a room worth documenting! Thanks mom and Sylvia!

My mom had the idea to spray painted this towel rack red and use it in the room.

IMG_6306She found this great wall art and curtains online and we got the pack-in-play on craigslist.


The rug is one of my favorite parts!


We found the dresser on craigslist too. It was all white but my mom painted it and replaced all the knobs and it looks a thousand times better. We also got a new lamp shade to match.


Sylvia and I made this coat rack and hand and foot print plaques.IMG_6308My mom and I made these letters and the glider is another craigslist gem. IMG_6305


Last Sunday Ryan blessed Sawyer at church. It was a really sweet blessing. The part that I remember most and loved was that Sawyer and Lincoln would be good friends through out life. These pics are from the blessing day.