Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Thanksgiving I will Never Forget

This Thanksgiving was one that I will never forget. John Jones passed away that day and many lives including mine were changed. John Jones was an amazing man who was in Medical school out here in Charlottesville with Ryan. He and his wife were in our ward at church and our good friends. John was a shining example of a wonderful husband, father, missionary and friend. He passed away in a caving accident in Utah. We found out the day before Thanksgiving that he was in trouble and followed the story online all through the night and into the morning when we discovered he’d passed on. My heart broke and I was devastated. I know John was an amazing person and he is happily reunited with Heavenly Father, but it still doesn’t seem right for such a wonderful persons time on earth be cut so short and for his sweet, beautiful wife Emily to be left with such a long rode ahead of her.

I can’t speak enough of Emily. She has shown so much strength, grace and faith over the past week and is truly, truly inspirational. It is my earnest prayer that Heavenly Father continues to give her strength and comfort and let her always feel his love and presence. I love her so much, and think the world of her. I hope she knows I am here for her as well as so many of her friends.

Emily and John have a little 14 month old and Emily is expecting another baby in June. If you’d like to help Emily raise her children you can donate to the John Jones Memorial Fund here.

The past month we’ve been able to snap some pretty cute pictures of Lincoln. Here are some for your viewing pleasure.

Ryan and Lincoln with matching hair….Ryan was trying to look tough, but Lincoln doesn’t do tough face, just happy. One day we went and took pictures at the Rotunda on Campus. It is so beautiful in the fall. We will really miss it here.

Wendy, Harley, and Anderson came down for Thanksgiving. It’s always so good to see them. Love you guys!

Our good friends the Mudricks came down Thanksgiving weekend too. It was great to see them, and the guys had a great time watching the BYU game. It was Lincoln’s first. Thanks again for the T-shirt Rob and Rebecca!