Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Head Shaving Fun!

Lincoln’s hair was really starting to thin and fall out again so Saturday morning we decided to get rid of it.  We didn’t think he’d let us but all Ryan had to do was offer Lincoln a dollar and he was excited to cut his hair.  Lincoln sat and didn’t flinch the whole time.2012-09-22 06.55.57-1 (961x1280)2012-09-22 06.56.15-1 (1015x1280)2012-09-22 06.56.52-1 (961x1280)2012-09-22 06.57.01-1 (961x1280)2012-09-22 06.58.03 (896x1280)2012-09-22 07.02.29-2 (961x1280)2012-09-22 07.05.49 (1280x961)Sawyer was so surprised to see Lincoln with out hair!2012-09-22 06.56.03-1 (964x1280)2012-09-22 07.02.56-1 (961x1280)Then we decided to Shave Sawyer’s too.  He didn’t want to but then we bribed him with a sucker.  He squirmed and whined the whole time and kept saying “I don’t wike it!”2012-09-22 07.09.22 (961x1280)2012-09-22 07.08.45 (961x1280)2012-09-22 07.10.08 (961x1280)2012-09-22 07.10.40 (961x1280)2012-09-22 07.11.56 (961x1280)I love Sawyer with a Buzzed head.  I think it’s so cute!2012-09-22 07.12.27 (961x1280)Bald is beautiful.2012-09-22 07.13.39-1 (961x1280)2012-09-22 07.14.44 (961x1280)2012-09-22 07.13.23 (961x1280)

Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Grand Tour Part 2–Upstairs

In case you missed the downstairs tour you can find it here, and now for the upstairs.

Lincoln’s Room

Lincoln’s room will someday be Lincoln and Sawyer’s room, so I went ahead and decorated it that way from the beginning.  I’m really glad I did because I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve spent on Sawyers mattress sleeping with Lincoln.  Eventually we’ll put these beds together with side rails and lifted mattresses, but Lincoln rolls out of the bed too much and the boys love to jump on them so we’re holding off for now.2012-09-21 11.44.18 (1280x961)2012-09-21 11.47.41 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.48.06 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.47.51 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.47.11-2 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.45.06 (1280x961)2012-09-21 11.44.42 (1280x961)Upstairs boy’s bathroom.2012-09-21 11.35.24 (1280x961)2012-09-21 11.34.41-2 (1280x961)Master Bed Room.

This is my least favorite room decoratively.  I ran out of money in my decorating budget on the family room.  So this room is very Blah.  Maybe next year.2012-09-21 11.28.29 (1280x961)2012-09-21 11.28.39-2 (1280x931)2012-09-21 11.29.09 (1280x961)The Master Bathroom.2012-09-21 11.30.41 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.29.57 (1280x961)

My Closet – Best part of the House.

Remember how I had to hang my clothes above the cereal in my cupboard in Pittsburgh because the closets were the size of a suitcase?  This is heaven.2012-09-21 11.32.52 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.33.23 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.33.42 (961x1280)Sawyer’s Room2012-09-21 11.53.56 (1280x961)2012-09-21 08.39.13-2 (944x1280)2012-09-21 08.38.47 (961x1280)2012-09-21 08.37.40 (942x1280)2012-09-21 08.37.23-2 (1280x948)2012-09-21 08.37.12 (944x1280)2012-09-21 08.37.02 (943x1280)Top of the Stairs.2012-09-21 08.36.29 (939x1280)Lincoln feeling much better this week.2012-09-21 08.36.02 (961x1280)

Monday, September 10, 2012

3 am with George

Well, here we are again.  3:30 am eating pasta roni and cereal and watching Curious George.  Wish I could say this was a rare occurance, but unfortunately it has become somewhat of a ritual to get up in the night, feed Lincoln's never satisfied, ever hungry belly and wathch some George, Blues Clues or Elmo.  At least we're not at Walmart in the middle of the night getting stared down by employees who probably thought I was an abusive mom out with my 3 year old at that hour because we're out of PastaRoni and it's the only thing he'll eat without having a complete melt down like last time he was on steriods.  No, I learned my lesson.  All his favorites will always be stocked before steroids week from now on.

I just have to power through three more days.  Well, really more like five because the effects of the steroids take a few days to fizzle.  But mentally I prefer to think three because he's done with the pills Wednesday night.  Then he's off steroids until the first week of Maintenance.  Then he'll only have then for five day stents rather than seven and let me tell you, right now two days less seems like a half marathon rather than a full and I'll take it.  So things will get better.  One day at a time.  These are my mantras.

 If you recall, when he was on steroids a couple weeks ago he so grumpy and demanding and threw crazy, hysterical tantrums throughout the day.  He's still grumpy and demanding, but thankfully haven't had any of the devil possessed episodes yet.  This time around he just seems so uncomfortable and miserable.  He just lays around and wants to watch movies and rest in his bed...with me right next to him.  I'm sure he is uncomfortable with all the food his poor body is taking in.  He seems to have a love hate relationship with food.  He asks for it and eats it ravonishly and then suddenly, sometimes mid bite, cries "all done" and looks like he might puke.  But then he's asking for food again an hour later.  My heart goes out to the kid.  It really does.

I know I complain about how hard this all is on me a lot.  And even though I know it could be worse and I still have a lot to be grateful for I probably won't stop.  Because it's therapeutic.  But the truth is, it's harder on him than me and I love him more than I ever knew I could.  So I will watch George and feed him pasta at 3 am every night it's what he wants. I'll lay around with him day and night, while poor Sawyer self entertains and crawls and jumps all over us and keeps me smiling.   Someday Lincoln will feel as good as Sawyer does.  It will get better.  Brighter days are right around the corner.  I can feel it.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Bean!

It’s crazy to me that this little bug is already two, yet in so many ways he has seemed like a two year old for about the past year.  He speaks so well and is so coordinated for his age.  Either way I’m so glad he came into my life 2 years ago.cheryl-photo-modified (467x926)

We started the Birthday weekend at the pool.  A family favorite.  We didn’t use the neighborhood pool too much this summer, but I’m so excited for the next two summers and all the memories we’ll make there.  It’s so nice and big and there’s hardly ever anyone there.

P1050062 (897x1280)P1050073 (951x1280)P1050079 (851x1280)P1050080 (936x1280)P1050082 (912x1280)P1050084 (961x1280)

His party was the next day.  It was low key but he still had a really great time.  We had our neighbors the Curry’s over (same awesome neighbor from this post) and our friends Tanner and Megan.  Carolyn made this darling boat cake.  Wish I could claim it myself.  Sawyer loved it! 

P1050107 (914x1280)P1050120 (961x1280)

P1050116 (1280x961)

We Barbequed on the new grill and it was delicious.
P1050136 (1280x961)P1050141 (1280x961)Megan and Tanner are so sweet and got Sawyer a cute book.2012-09-01 16.46.31 (1280x961)2012-09-01 16.46.00 (1280x961)And they had one for Lincoln too because they felt bad for not brining one for him on his birthday!  Totally unnecessary, but Lincoln was so happy to have a gift of his own.2012-09-01 16.48.57 (1280x961)

The Curry’s got him a little Piano and magna doodle.  SO nice of everyone.  The friend gifts were way better than ours and we weren’t even expecting anyone to bring any!2012-09-01 17.28.41-2 (1280x961)P1050156 (947x1280)

Sawyer’s gifts from Ryan and I = a pack of gum, a bag of skittles and a couple of water balls for the pool.  But I must say he was SO excited about his gum :)  No big deal he chews gum like a big kid and has been doing so for months.  I’m telling you….he’s a 4 year old in a 2 year old’s body.

P1050180 (917x1280)P1050176 (913x1280)2012-09-01 17.35.48 (1280x961)P1050183 (853x1280)

Amazing Cake.P1050214 (1280x958)P1050208 (916x1280)photo (1) (983x1280)

Love you beyond description Bean!!  So glad you are mine. P1050193 (1280x914)