Sunday, April 20, 2008

Playa Del Carmen Heaven!

That was Angie and I's quote of the trip...."I'm in Heaven". We seriously loved our lives at the Royal Resort in Playa Del Carmen Mexico. It was so incredibly relaxing and wonderful for all of us. We started out a place called the "Reef", but before we ever even saw our rooms they told us the air conditioner in our room was broken and they were upgrading us to the Real, a resort up the coast. From there we decided to upgrade on our own for a small price to the most wonderful resort I have ever seen called the Royal. From the six restaurants, to the nightly shows, to the huge pools, to the endless pina collada's... we were in Heaven. All inclusive is the way to go!

We went with some of our best friends from Charlottesville, Angie and Scott. Scott is a second year med student too, and he and Ryan just finished second year so we all decided to go and celebrate. We also decided we need to make these celebrations a regular activity.

We mostly just hung around the beaches and pools and ate like we've never eaten before, but one day we did go on a tour of Tulum and Koba; both ancient cities. The tour guide said they're Mayan ruins... but we know they are Nephite and Lamanite ruins. It was very cool.

We hiked up this massive temple structure in the pouring rain. It was a blast.

Hangin' out in the Hamicks.

We played some hard-core beach volleyball.

It was so fun hanging out with the Neilsen's and eating massive, delicious meals every three hours.

Snorking...Good times.

Love you Angie!!

Our room was pretty sweet. Check out the tub! We were a little sunburned so I didn't want to get in, but that didn't stop Ryan. He had his own private pool party by himself one night.

Ryan and I with serious faces. My hubby's hot.

Believe it our not... Angie has a ton of great pictures I don't have yet, so their may be more to come. But that's all for now.