Friday, March 25, 2011

Embrace the Chaos!

So every Friday the girls in the ward get together and hang out with our kids.  When it’s warm outside we meet at to different parks, but when it’s cold we meet at the mall or church or anyone’s house who’s willing to host.  I often volunteer because believe it or not, my house is one of the biggest.  I absolutely LOVE the girls in my life in Pittsburgh!  And I love their kids and when they come over on Fridays it’s one, big, fun, crazy, chaotic house.  Today I snapped some pics to document.  There were 15 kids four and under!  And that was only with 5 of my girlfriends over.  (Two of them have twins:) )  Such a fun stage of life.  Gotta love it!! 





Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yay for Visitors!

I’ve been so lucky to have three visitors in the past month.  I love having visitors.  Anyone’s welcome anytime!  The past few days my aunt and uncle and their four adorable kids came to visit from St. Louis.  They are awesome, and it was so fun to have them.  Their kids were so good and cute with my boys.  My aunt took most the pictures and I forgot to get them from her, but I did snap a few at the Children’s Museum which was totally fun by the way.  I’d recommend it for adults too :)


We loved the fun house mirrors!  How awesome is this pic?IMG_6923IMG_6928IMG_6929IMG_6930


Lincoln’s favorite exhibit was, of course, the water floor.IMG_6941


A couple weeks ago my brother Tom came from DC for a weekend.  We had a great time with him too and he was also fabulously helpful with the boys.


Lincoln going to Nursery…only about the second or third time in our ward.  He’s getting better and better every week.


My Girlfriend Jessica from Virginia came and visited last week with her two girls and it was so good to see her.  Failed to take any pictures…so here’s one from way back in day…in my dark days of 2008.

Jessica's wedding 001

And a random one of the Bean….because he’s adorable.


Good times.  Great people.  Ya’all come back soon!  And actually I think Tom is coming back this weekend.  Let the good times roll.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Letters, Letters Everywhere! And my Passion for Fashion.

It all started three or four months ago.  Lincoln has loved his little Shapes Ball toy ever since he got it when he turned one.  He knew all of his shapes in no time.  He loved it when Ryan and I would draw shapes on the magnadoodle and ask him to identify them.  Soon I realized, if he can identify shapes, why wouldn’t he be able to identify letters.  So I started teaching him letters….and HE LOVES LETTERS!  He is constantly bringing me the white board and marker to practice them with him.  While I haven’t pushed this on him at all, I must say I’m pretty proud of the little guy.  He can identify every letter in the alphabet and he’s only 19 months. Lets hope his love of learning lasts!




In other news…  I found THIS FASHION BLOG and I love it.  I’ve been trying to copy some of her looks. I love the way she ties her scarfs and belts and does her hair.  I don’t know that if I pull it off quite like she does, but it’s fun trying :)IMG_6883IMG_6886

Friday, March 4, 2011

Utah Febcation

We didn’t go home for Christmas this year and my mom was sad.  So she decided to fly me and my boys and Wendy and her boys home in February as a birthday present to herself.  Since Ryan has been so busy lately I decided to stay a while…I stayed most of February and had a wonderful “Febcation”.  The following are some visuals and highlights in no particular order.

Valentines Day with the babies and Great Grandma’s amazing, delicious food and dinner party. DSC_0394



Super fun girlfriends weekend including shopping, photo shoot (enter “girlfriends”), cupcakes and sleepover.


Jamberry Nails with Wendy.  Love them.





Played in the snow.


Worked out.


Went to Church.



Threw my parents a surprise Birthday party including grandbaby hand printed apron and T-shirt gifts, personalized game of Pictionary, and a yummy dinner.









Took a walk down memory Lane spending a day in P-town at the BYU visiting Lisa for lunch at the Wilk.



Went Swimming!



Visited Boise to see Grandma and Grandpa Harris and Aunt Alesha and Kaylyn.  So fun to see them especially Alesha who is pregnant and on bed rest with Triplets! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the mama to be :(IMG_6835IMG_6825

One other highlight and probably my favorite day of the trip was the day I went skiing and snowboarding with my sisters and Dad.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! It was my job to bring my camera because it is the smallest and easiest to ski with…and I did…but the battery was dead.  It’s too bad too because it was the most gorgeous day and we had such a blast.

Such great times in Utah, shout out and thank you to mom for bringing us out there, but now it’s back to livin’ it up in the burgh.  It’s good to be home with Ryan again :)