Monday, July 23, 2012

Goodbye UMPC Childrens

When I first moved to Pittsburgh and drove past UPMC children’s hospital for the first time and I thought it was the coolest looking hospital I’d ever seen.  It stands majestically at the top of Penn Ave clothed with bright, happy colors and  impressive architecture.
hospital (1280x836)hospital 2 (1280x850)
One year later I went inside with Lincoln first time to have his hydrocele removed.  Never did I dream that six months later we would begin a journey that would have us inside it’s walls so often.  You all know how I feel about the quality of of the people that work there and the of the facility itself.  In a word, outstanding.  So you can imagine how hard it was to say goodbye.   When your baby – the person in the world you cherish more than anything -  faces a life threatening illness, you feel totally powerless.  And so you turn his precious little body and life over to a medical team and have nothing but the faith and hope of your whole heart that they and God will heal him.   Lincoln’s doctors, nurses, and volunteers have been nothing short of ministering angels in that effort.  And they did a darn good job.  And I’m so sad to leave them.  Here are just a two of our many incredible nurses and his wonderful Doctor, Meredith Chuck.  Too all the RN’s, PCT’s, housekeeping staff, doctors, volunteers, and Child life specialists of UPMC – Thank you.  You will forever be remembered and appreciated as long as I live.IMG_8078 (1027x1280)IMG_8079 (956x1280)IMG_8097 (853x1280)

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DC Diva said...

I am SO grateful you were at such an awesome hospital during these first 6 crucial months. That hospital is amazing! Makes me sad we never did get to visit Lincoln there. I had no idea it looked like that on the outside. How great designers said, "let's make this as happy and kids friendly as possible." Bless them. I'm glad you loved everyone. I know that was hard for you to express and say goodbye. So much going on for you right now. So emotional! What a summer!