Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Beautiful Baby Sister’s Wedding

Austin and Lisa tied the knot on June 15th and I’m so happy for them. It was a jammed packed week full of showers and other wedding festivities.  It was so good to be there for everything.  First we went with Lisa as she took her endowments out at the temple.  It was special.DSC_0503 (1280x851)DSC_0518 (1280x851)

Austin’s family hosted a dinner party on Austin’s Birthday for us all.  His family currently lives in Japan and they made the party Japanese themed.  It was darling!  DSC_0530 (1280x851)DSC_0529 (1280x851)DSC_0532 (1280x851)

Doing our best imitation of geisha faces. :)DSC_0534 (1280x851)DSC_0535 (1280x851)

The wedding was in the Draper, Utah temple.  It was wonderful.  Here are the cousins waiting for Lisa and Austin to come out of the temple.DSC_0562 (1280x914)DSC_0567 (1280x851)Mr. and Mrs. LaBanc.IMG_8505 (853x1280)It was way to sunny – thus all the squinty eyes.

DSC_0609 (1280x851)DSC_0596 (1280x851)Their reception was so much fun and very unique.  It was up in the cozy mountains of Park City’s The Canyons ski resort.  All the guests had to ride a gondola overlooking beautiful views up the mountains to the event.gazebo (700x980)

  The evening consisted of a lovely ring ceremony on a big bridge, a delicious dinner accompanied with several toasts to the bride and groom, and a night of dancing under the stars.  Lisa and Austin have some really fun friends who totally got into the dance portion of the night and I loved it!  Dance parties are one of my favorite things and it was such a blast having one with a big group of fun people.  

IMG_8512 (853x1280)IMG_8531 (853x1280)

IMG_8516 (913x1280)IMG_8536 (853x1280)

IMG_8543 (1280x853)IMG_8556 (853x1280)IMG_8545 (853x1280)IMG_8549 (853x1280)IMG_8631 (853x1280)

bridal party (700x500)lisa family wedding (700x500)lisa and sisters (700x980)Lisa with brides maids (700x980)IMG_8604 (853x1280)The niece and nephews pic didn’t really work for them either.  Those are some sad faces on Max and Hannah.  IMG_8599 (1280x853)IMG_8614 (1280x853)Hannah as flower girl (727x1280)IMG_8639 (853x1280)IMG_8656 (853x1280)IMG_8642 (853x1280)

ring ceremony (700x980)IMG_8660 (1280x853)IMG_8662 (1280x853)IMG_8664 (1280x853)The dinner was so yummy and the setting was so dinner (700x500)IMG_8690 (853x1280)danceingIMG_8728 (1280x853)IMG_8729 (1280x853)IMG_8709 (1280x853)Sissy Pic (1280x853)IMG_8734 (1280x853)

They got to exit down there gondola to their honeymoon suit.  How cool is that?  Congratulations Lisa and Austin.  You make such an amazing couple and I think you are both so awesome.  Welcome to the family Austin.  You are a fabulous addition.  Thanks for a fun, memorable, special day.  


Lisa LaBanc said...

Insert Ryan and Lincoln = Perfect day

Mike said...

Cheryl Thank you so much. I have been really hoping someone would put some pictures of Lisa/Austins wedding on the internet. These are the first I have seen and are so good. Does anybody know what happened to the professional photos? I have never seen any, nor of Tom/Carries wedding.

Love Dad

Heather said...

Your sister looks like a super model! I love her dress. So elegant and chic. She wore it well!

Wedding looks like it was such a lovely day. Love the pics of Sawyer all dressed up and handsome.

DC Diva said...

Amen to Lisa... it wasn't quite perfect b/c as Bean says it wasn't our "whole family." But it was pretty close to perfect.

Your big pics look so great! How is it you STILL ended up w/ more pics than me, yet you brought no camera...