Monday, July 2, 2012

Goodbye 1641 Jancey

I really want to post about my sister's wedding and my brother's wedding, and it feels weird to kept skipping over what were such fun, big events in my life, but I don't have the pictures, time or energy. Someday soon when I'm settled in NC with my own computer and all my pics we'll revisit those two joyous weekends in all there marital glory.

For now, an update on all the other madness that has been our lives the past couple weeks. We packed up our house and put it in a big, white truck. My mother in Law was an angel and I don't know how we would have done it all without her. It was emotional saying goodbye to 1641 Jancey street. We've made some really great memories there. One chapter ends and another begins. Life rolls on. New horizon's just around the corner.
It was stressful and hectic packing and cleaning but so many guys showed up to help load it made that part was a breeze. Another testament of how awesome our friends are.

Then Ryan headed South East to Greenville and me, the boys and my m-in-law headed North West to Detroit. It was a great couple of days with my sister in law except for when this happened.
Did I mention we became a mini van family about 3 weeks ago? Maybe because it's not my biggest bragging point. Well we did. And then that happened. Just what I needed to lighten my stress load. My sister-in-law Shannon's neighbor backed into it and left a nice little zinger for me to deal with. Other than that it was a really wonderful visit. Shannon's kids are delightful and amazing with my boys and they all hit it off immediately. It made leaving Sawyer there so much easier. I know he's having fun with them.
Then Lincoln and I and Sylvia came back to Pittsburgh where Sylvia flew home and Lincoln and I crashed with friends for a couple nights. Lincoln has been a little confused staying just down the street from our house. He keeps asking to go home and I have to remind him that all the things are gone in the truck and we can't go there anymore. So much must be going on in his sweet little head trying to comprehend all the changes.

He was supposed to start his third hospitalization today, but his counts were too low. It's really messed up my plan considering we are now homeless in Pittsburgh, Sawyer is in Detroit, and my dad was planning to fly out on Thursday to help me drive to NC. I'm learning to be very flexible and adaptive through all of this because I have no other choice. So now we're staying with another friend and trying again on Thursday. There's the update.

Happy Fourth of July. At least now maybe Lincoln and I can see the fireworks up close with friends rather than through the hospital's window. That will be nice.


Lisa Weiler said...

ohhhh man. If anyone understands how to be flexible it is you. So disappointing about the counts and the car. You are right though, maybe you can have a nice 4th! Cute pictures of the moving truck and the boys. So nice Slyvia and all your friends came to help.

DC Diva said...

Such cute cousin pictures. And love all the pics of the boys in the van. Such big changes. I'm happy you had so much help loading the truck. Of course you did! Mini-van probs are the worst, I hear you. It's like, hey we didn't really want this bus in the first place and now... really? I'm with you sister. Better times ahead in NC. I know it. Love you. Excited to see you soon.

Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Oh Cheryl! You are hands down the most positive person I know- through so many big changes. I am seriously going to miss you! Praying that Lincoln's counts go up so that your plans get back on track. Love you- wonderful things are ahead for you!

Heather said...

I love the pic of the boys in the moving truck.

Your life is definitely crazy with the 4 of you in 3 different places.

Here's hoping Lincoln's counts get where they need to be and that everything goes well with your move.


Laura said...

Good luck to your in your move. I will miss your classes. It was sad to me when my knees stopped letting me do them. I am not back to being able to do that sort of stuff so I am sad you won't be there. Good luck with everything.

Ali Snow said...

I can't believe all that you have going on in your life right now. I'm glad Sawyer got to spend some quality time with his Detroit cousins. Looks like they just loved all over him. And yea for Sylvia - what a rock star.