Monday, July 23, 2012

June Happenings

June 2012 could not have been busier – 90 percent was occupied with flying back and forth to Utah for weddings, spending weeks at the hospital, and packing my house.  The other 10 percent consisted of a few noteworthy events.   We went to a Pirates game with Ryan’s parents.  Or at least tried to go.  Lincoln hated it and so we ended up leaving within an hour of arriving because he was so mad.  Somehow me and the boys were the only ones who got photographed.P1040676 (1280x961)P1040678 (1280x915)P1040681 (961x1280)P1040685 (1280x961)P1040694 (1280x961)

Ryan concluded his fellowship and was recognized at a graduation dinner. His boss Dr. Ferris was so awesome to work for. She was incredibly flexible with his schedule and understanding when he had to take time off to be with Lincoln. We will miss her and I am so grateful to have had her as Ryan’s employer.   He really enjoyed working with her and learned a lot over the past year that will make transitioning to residency that much easier.P1040605 (1280x961)P1040600 (1280x961)P1040607 (1280x961)P1040621 (1280x961)P1040625 (961x1280)

It was Grandpa Martin’s first time to Pittsburgh, so we of course had to take him up the Pittsburgh Incline.  It was so great having Ryan’s parents here helping.  I wish I’d taken more pictures of the boys with them.  I have awesome in-laws.P1040653 (1280x961)P1040650 (1280x961)P1040655 (1280x961)P1040664 (961x1280)P1040670 (1280x961)P1040672 (1280x961)


Jena said...

I love the picture of the boys holding hands- so sweet! I miss those boys.

Ali Snow said...

Oh the incline. What a Harris trademark stop. How many times have you done that now? I like their matching hats. Does Sawyer feel left out cuz Lincoln has to wear hats all the time?

DC Diva said...

Great pictures! I miss your boys already. Love the hats and the cute holding hands pictures. They really will be bffs their whole lives.

Funky hairdos sister. I like the braid!

I wish I could have attended that graduation dinner to hear all the nice things said about Ryan. That is so special. I'm really proud of him and grateful you guys got the opportunity to live in Pittsburgh, meet wonderful people, have great doctors for Lincoln, and provide Ryan a choice opportunity to learn and grow on his way to being a fantastic doctor. Life has a funny way of working out. When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window.