Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Eating Toes, Nod ya Head, UVA game

Lincoln loves the camera....he laughs every time we pull it out. Sometimes we try to sneak up on him when he's doing funny things like eating his toes but then he'll see us and stop. He also loves to bob his head and go to UVA games. Enjoy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lincoln's first Real Sickness

I've always known eventually it would happen. I've avoided it at all costs. I've stayed home from the gym if it meant bringing him to the day care. I've probably offended some friends with my obsessive sanitizing after their kids touch him if they have the slightest runny nose. And for seven months, it worked. But, alas the dreadful day came. Yesterday Lincoln was sick.

He woke up on the cranky side with a bit of a runny nose and a cough, and he just wasn't really himself. I didn't think too much of it, put him down for an early nap and went along my way. When he woke up it was time to go to the doctor for his second round of flu shots. After his shots it got really bad. He wouldn't scream and cry like he sometimes does when he's just tried, he just had this horribly sad face and this little whimper. I could see it all over him - He didn't feel good. None of the usually things that made him smile where working. He wouldn't eat a thing. I put him down for another nap and after 45 minutes I heard him whimpering again. I picked him up and sat in the rocking chair and he rested his little head on my shoulder, nose running much more now, and fell back asleep. He hasn't slept on his stomach on Ryan or my chest since he was three months old! My heart melted and I felt so bad for my baby, yet loved that he was snuggling me. The rest of the afternoon continued with him waking up, crying, falling back asleep and taking baby Tylenol. I finally took his temperature when Ryan came home and it was 101.8. Lincoln was officially sick for the first time.

I had to go teach a class at the gym so I left him with Ryan for a couple hours, and when I got home he was sleeping and snuggling Ryan on his chest. I had to get a picture of his sad little face. Even though I know he felt awful one thing that still brought a smile to his face was the camera. He just loves it. Anytime we put it out he perks up and smiles. We couldn't believe it. Right after I put the camera down he laid down again and his sad face came back. So although these pictures don't really show it, here is Lincoln the first time he was sick.

Hadn't seen the camera yet, but heard it.

Still waking up for his picture...
Smiling away even though he has a fever and feels awful. I love you Lincoln.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, UVA Game, and pics of the boy

As you've all probably heard, the east coast has gotten some snow lately. We've still been able to get around okay...but the city pretty much shut down over the weekend and our power did go out for four hours last night. Other than that we've just enjoyed it!

We took Lincoln to his first UVA basketball game on Saturday and had a great time. It was a little loud for him so we had to sit way at the top where their wasn't as much noise, but besides that he had a blast.

Michelle took some fabulous pictures of Lincoln last month. Thanks Michelle!
Check out more of her work on her website here.

And then I always have to throw in a couple cute random ones we've gotten as well.

Best Bud Cash!