Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Family Photos

A couple months ago two of my fabulous girlfriends Jessica and Akasha took our family pictures and I love them.  I’m so grateful for all my incredible photographer friends and their willingness to share their time and talents.

IMG_0166IMG_0213IMG_0241 (2)IMG_8777IMG_8959cIMG_8963 copyIMG_0176IMG_0257


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Trick or Treating–Waukee, Ia verses Pittsburgh, Pa

A couple weeks ago my awesome friend Sara told me she had an elephant and Frog costume in my boys sizes I could borrow for Halloween. (well, the elephant was a little short but it worked) We took them home and Lincoln tried on the Elephant and loved it.  Check him checking himself out.   P1010919P1010920

Fast forward to Halloween weekend.  We zipped up to Detroit to spend it with Ryan’s sister Shannon and family.  It was good times all around.  We hit up their ward trunk or treat Friday night which was fun – although I wish we could have gone to ours.  Can’t have it all.

  Are these built in car seats not genius?  I thought so.P1020372P1020377P1020385P1020381P1020380P1010921P1020391Cousins Mya (Alice in wonderland) and Cysa (vampire) P1020412Uncle Miguel. P1020414Ryan’s sister ShannonP1020416All the cousins :)P1020423

Saturday Ryan and his Brother Kevin who flew in from Texas went to a University of Michigan Football  game.  That was actually why the whole trip originated.  Not the hottest pictures of the pair but it’s all I got.  They took it with their phone.  IMAG0009P1020431

More cousin love.P1020429

Then we drove home in time to go trick or treating in our Neighborhood in Pittsburgh on Monday night.  We didn’t go out long but the half hour we were out was some quality candy collecting.  Growing up in Iowa we actually had to do a trick or tell a joke in order to get a treat.  I remember kids would work on their trick or joke for weeks leading up to Halloween.  Then you rang the door bell and did your thing.  Often times people would invite you in first.  It was quite the process especially because the houses were so far apart.  You could fit about 6 houses from my current hood between two houses in my hood growing up.

Here not only do you not have to do a trick or tell a joke, you don’t even have to ring the doorbell.  If your house is participating in trick or treating you stand out on your front porch for three hours handing out the candy.  And you may as well because there is a STEADY stream of or kiddos marches down the streets.  Lincoln didn’t even have to say the words before the candy was in his bucket and it was off to the next porch. 

And the houses here go ALL OUT!  Walking up to some of them I felt like I was in a haunted house.  Lights and sound effects - goblins, ghosts, and skeletons  that came to life…you name it and these houses had it.  This part about Halloween I love.

It was really fun.  I’m undecided on which way I prefer – the Iowa way or the Pittsburgh way.  I’m sure as a child I’d probably like the way they to it here.  It is much more efficient for candy collecting.  But as an adult I found myself wishing we could slow down a bit and enjoy getting to know our neighbors with a little joke or trick.  Plus, isn’t that why they call it TRICK or treating? And the Iowa teaches kids you don’t get something for nothing.  Just some food for thought.

Happy Halloween from a cute little Elephant and Frog :)P1020434P1020445


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A week with 4 boys 3 and under.

When my wonderful sister Wendy’s babysitters fell through for an anniversary trip she had planned she was hugely disappointed.  I jumped at the chance to watch my nephews for the 5 days they’d be gone.  It was definitely busy and crazy, but we had lots of fun too.  Her boys are really very good and they all kind of entertained each other for the most part.  Love  me some cousin love :)


A few more of the Twins.  These two are only two months apart.P1020283P1020314P1020319

And a couple videos of the madness that ensued for 5 days.  Come back soon little monsters!