Sunday, August 17, 2008

Anniversary Weekend

Our four year anniversary isn't until this Thursday, but Ryan is leaving me for a month to go do a rotation at the hospital in Roanoke tomorrow, so we celebrated last weekend. Our celebration started Thursday night. I treated him to a facial at the school...

He brought me flowers at work....

Friday we went to a rockin' party at club Rapture downtown complete with food, c-villes hottest DJ and live belly dancing performaces. We got it all for free through hook-ups with work.

We went with my new besty at work Nadine. I love her!!! She makes Vasom so much more fun!

Saturday we saw the new Batman movie; fastest two hours and 42 minutes movie I've ever seen! My thoughts are this; definitely entertaining, too violent for kids, stunning performance from the joker, good movie to analyze over dinner...which is exactly what we did afterward at the Italian restaurant we ate at to finish our celebrations. Happy Anniversary Ryan...I love you!
(Don't have any of the professional pics from the wedding on our computer. This was at our luncheon though with my camera.)

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Home to Utah

Okay I know I haven't blogged forever....but its because our internet connection is horrible in our new apartment and it's far too time-consuming now. But someone must have just moved in with a new wireless connection who hasn't set up a password yet, so for now we have a good connection....we'll see how long it lasts. If I don't blog again for another month though, you'll know why.

It was so great to go home to Utah for ten days last month. The only bummer is that Ryan couldn't come because of school. Here are some pics from the trip. Tom's homecoming was awesome. It was so good to see so many friends and family. Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture of Tom... but he looks great and his homecoming talk was fabulous. Good to have ya back bro... we're proud of you.

I love my grandpa! I hope to spend more time with him over Christmas.

Five of my seven nephews. They change so much in a year!

My precious, best fun to see you girls!

Same group a year and a half earlier. I'm glad our friendship is long-lasting even though I only see you once a year!