Monday, July 23, 2012

Tom and Carrie’s Wedding

Tom and Carrie got married on June 2nd.  It was beautiful and I am very happy for them.  I wish so badly Ryan and Lincoln could have been there.DSC_0055 (1280x914)DSC_0008 (851x1280)DSC_0038 (851x1280)DSC_0051 (851x1280)My Newest Nephew Jackson.  Couldn’t get enough of him.IMG_8330 (853x1280)

DSC_0066 (1280x851)DSC_0069 (1280x851)DSC_0075 (1280x851)DSC_0084 (851x1280)DSC_0097 (851x1280)

Trying to do the Bride and Groom and Niece and Nephew’s pic was not fruitful.  Check out poor Max.  Not happy.  DSC_0117 (1280x851)

4 Grandkids (1280x853)DSC_0265 (1280x851)DSC_0127 (1280x851)DSC_0148 (1280x851)DSC_0151 (851x1280)DSC_0179 (851x1280)DSC_0164 (851x1280)DSC_0167 (1280x851)DSC_0188 (1280x851)DSC_0228 (851x1280)

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Weiler!  Welcome to the family Carrie. We’re happy to have you.  May you have a long and glorious marriage!

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Ali Snow said...

Beautiful couple. Beautiful Day. Cranky kids when it came time for the pictures. Oh well - real life I guess. We missed Ryan and Lincoln as well. But I'm so glad we got to see you and Sawyer.