Monday, March 22, 2010

Take me out to the Ball Game

Ryan was so excited to take Lincoln to his first baseball game. I wasn't there for the event but they seemed to have a great time. The UVA Cavaliers are ranked number one this year which is pretty cool. I think this was the first of many father son baseball games. Maybe next year we'll have to dress him up like a Pirate for the Pittsburgh pirates games. That could be fun.

Match Day Maddness!

So it's official. It is so official it was in the newspaper. We're headed to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in June for Ryan's intern year of residency. It was a crazy whirl-wind of a week coming to that conclusion but now that it's stamped and confirmed I'm starting to get used to the idea and even a little excited. I've loved Charlottesville and all the wonderful friends I've made and people I've known, but I'm embracing the adventure of a new city. We could be there one year....we could be there 5 years....we could be there for the rest of our lives. Time will tell. So far good things I've learned include it's quite affordable to live there, family friendly, big, awesome hospital and medical program, and cheaper to fly from there to Utah than it is from Charlottesville. Some of the negatives are I wish it were warmer year round, it's pretty polluted, and hard to navigate (thank goodness for the GPS). For now Carpe Diem! That's the attitude I'm adopting. Hopefully I'll still feel that way in six months. Congratulations Ryan. You make me proud!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Costa Rica

Ryan and I spent a week in Costa Rica this month and had a blast. It was probably one of the most fun vacations I have ever experienced. If I had to describe Costa Rica in two words they would be Jurassic Park. It was such a jungle. There were monkeys right outside out beach house everyday! The only bad part was that I missed Lincoln SO MUCH!!!! Wendy was so nice to watch him for us but she had a pretty horrible week that you can read all about here.

Our group was so awesome. There were 8 of us and we all got along so well and really enjoyed each other. From left to right below, Brad and Danielle Curtis (finishing law school at UVA), Kellen and Sarah Fowler (starting law school at UVA), Carly and Cole Schutjer (friends of the Fowlers from Utah). The Fowlers and the Curtis's did such a great job planning the trip. We rented two four wheel drive cars and spent the first three days in different cities (San Jose, La Fortuna, Monte Verde) doing different activities including volcano viewing, zip lines, waterfall hikes, and hot springs and then spent the last three days surfing at the beach in Manuel Antonia. Good times....great memories....enjoy! (note: these are only pictures from our camera and we're having a picture swapping party tonight with everyone so there may be a part two to this post to come)
Ladies at the beach.
We at ate an incredible restaurant made out of an old airplane.
Ryan Surfing it up
Carly and Cole, me and Ryan, Sarah and Kellen
The beach house we stayed at was beautiful!
Surfs up!

No big deal...the monkeys just come right up to you on the beach. They were kind of freaky little guys. They kind of reminded me of the monkeys on Wizard of Oz.
I Love this picture I took of Brad and Danielle. It is totally candid. That's a couple who's in love. Aren't they the cutest!

Shopping in the market....great shot his candids.

Zip Line Fun!!
The Wobbly Bridge
A little coconut drinking by the water.
No big deal....we just saw a swarm of crocodiles under a bridge one day....they were MASSIVE!

Beautiful Waterfall Hike
Heaven on earth at the hot springs in Tabacon.