Monday, September 26, 2011

Lincoln’s Surgery

It’s over and he’s back and everything went great!  I knew he would be fine and I stayed pretty calm about the whole thing but it is a little scary and nerve racking to send your barely two year old into surgery.  But he did awesome.  I feel like I took the easy way out a little bit because I wasn’t even there.  I dropped Ryan and Lincoln off at 7:15 this morning, took Sawyer to the gym with me while I taught my class, came home and then picked them up at noon.  It was nice to be distracted.  I only thought about him one time during the hour I was teaching.  But as Ryan carried him into the hospital I couldn’t help tear up a little bit knowing what was ahead.  He looked so small and helpless.  I guess I should mention what the surgery was.  Ever since he was only a few months he’s had a hydrocele in his left scrotum.  They are fairly common in baby boys but often go away on there own.  Since it hadn’t and he’s two now they needed to remove it.  It’s been pretty funny actually.  Sometimes in the bath tub Lincoln will exam himself and say “Big Ball, Little Ball” because his left side is at least twice as big as his right.  We started prepping him for the surgery a couple weeks ago telling him he’d have “Two little balls.  No more big ball”.  This is captured in the video below.

On our way to the Hospital - You’ll notice Lincoln is holding an egg in most of the pictures.  It’s this weird obsession he’s had lately.  I often make him eggs and he always wants to hold one, and doesn’t want to give it back.  First thing in the morning now he asks to “hold egg?” We hard boiled one and the past few days he’s been carrying it around most the day with him.  His new nick name here is “Horton” from Dr. Seuss’s book “Horton Hatches the Egg”.  So random.  So funny.IMG_7830

Before the surgery.  We literally took him straight from his crib to the car, which is why he’s in pajamas. 


IMG_7842Waking up after the surgery.  He looks a bit groggy.  Ryan said he did so awesome when they put him under.  They let Ryan hold him as they used a gas mask to put him to sleep.  He said he was very calm and Ryan was asking him to spell different words (spelling calms him down – weird, I know).  Anyway, he asked him to spell “moon” and Lincoln said “M, O, O, O, O, O, O, N” slowing down with every O and then fell asleep.  I kind of wish I was there for that. IMG_7843

Apparently he was not so happy to be waking up after surgery.IMG_7844IMG_7845Leaving the Hospital.


Then, a couple hours later, we went to the zoo. P1010821P1010829I threw this in because check out  the Sawyer’s finger pulling my lip down!  This is my life.P1010825P1010817He’s doing great!  Thanks goodness for awesome Doctors and modern medicine.


Lisa Weiler said...

Yay! So glad everything went well. So funny that he loves holding eggs

Jess said...

I was thinking about you all day today. I figured he would do well, but it's so hard for the Momma! Glad it went well, and I must say, I am proud of Ryan for taking all those pictures!

DC Diva said...

Oh my word.

This is all so cute you're almost forgiven for not calling today.

An egg? Really? That is so funny! Of course spelling calms him down b/c he is so G-O-O-D at it. (Does he know good? Teach him that next!)

So the surgery was a success! Best part: "Then, a couple hours later we went to the zoo." 2yo in surgery/zoo day. Only you sister.

Lip picture=awesome.

I'm so happy Lincoln is okay. It's so hard seeing little kids in tiny hospital gowns. I'm glad he - and you and Ryan - all did great today! We love you Lincoln!

Tracy Peterson said...

Cheryl, your boys are so handsome! I'm so glad the surgery went well!

jonathan said...

He likes to hold an egg? How have you not mentioned this yet? That is so weird. One of these days he's going to put it down and you won't be able to find it and then your house will seriously start to smell.

I'm glad the surgery went well. He looks so cute in his little gown and his sleepy pictures.

jonathan said...

Jonathan = Ali

Heather Ross said...

Oh my word!

First of all, so glad that Lincoln in healthy and recovering well. I know that couldn't have been easy for you to send him off to surgery, but at least you had other plans to distract you.

Second- How cute is Lincoln and his love of holding eggs? Bradford is into this as well, but that's because he has toy eggs that came with a farm set. I think he likes how the egg feels in his hand, so maybe it's the same for Linc? Do you have any eggs from Easter stored anywhere? He might be happy holding one of them. If not, maybe you could find some toy eggs online to order. One of these days, that hard-boiled egg might geet lost in your house or car and be a stinky mess.

Lastly- that picture of Sawyer pulling down your lip is the funniest thing ever. Please send it in to Ellen. Seriously, so funny! I've been there myself. Usually Bradford goes for the eyes though.

Mom said...

I am so glad everything went so well. I agree with Wendy, surgery and the zoo in the same day! The Harris family is tough.

Steph said...

go lincoln!!! so sad for him but happy it went well - and LOVE the spelling of moon - awesome!

Danni and Brad said...

Oh my goodness!!! What a little stud! I bet you're so glad that's over and that it all went smooth. I have so many things to say about this post... I love the video of Ryan talking to Linc about his "big ball, little ball" Ha! And the hard boiled egg? So funny. And how about him knowing how to spell everything! Such a smartie! And of course my favorite... Sawyer pulling your lip down! Hahahaha I love that you captured that! Oh how I miss you. You're the cutest mom. To the cutest boys. Dibs on one for June :)

Amanda said...

My next door neighbor's son had the same thing... but I think he had surgery when he was a little bit younger. What a little champ!

And seriously, the egg? Kids are hilarious.