Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas 2011

2011 ended pretty darn well for us this year.  We had a really fun December.  Here’s a little re-cap with lots of pictures.  The boys loved having our Christmas tree up.  Lincoln cried when I took it down.P1020716P1020707We went and saw ten million lights at Hartwood Acrs.  This started out great and ended back.  It was a long time in the car and a long, tearful ride home.  Note to self….don’t let your boys sit in the front seat of the car with you for the lights and then expect them to happily go back to their car seats for the drive home.P1020761P1020766P1020769We trekked down to DC to spend Christmas weekend with Wendy and company and had a jolly good time.  We checked out some awesome toy trains.P1020777P1020778P1020784P1020797P1020806Wendy and I got our bake on.P1020819 Lincoln opened some sweet Christmas Pajamas from Grammy. P1020820“He Thinks I’m Sleeping” :)


Saywer opened some sweet Christmas jammers from Grammy.P1020824“Define Naughty”….couldn’t be more appropriate for this little troublemaker. P1020831Anderson and Max got Jammys too.P1020840P1020862P1020874We made cookies and set out Carrots for Santa and the reindeer.  But the naughtys at the carrots….I know weird that they didn’t touch the cookies.P1020878

We ate a delicious traditional Weiler Christmas breakfast of sausage egg casserole, grapefruit and cinnamon rolls that helped Wendy and I not feel so homesick.P1020936We loved watching the boys open there fun gifts.  Anders was thrilled about his remote control car.P1020910P1020913P1020927P1020926P1020946P1020952P1020964P1020965Wendy was trilled about her bowl.P1020972I was surprised with a swanky, high-tech, dermatologist recommended face washer and Ryan was stoked about his popcorn kit.P1020975Finally we met up with some wonderful longtime friends the Mudricks for a quick catch up over lunch.P1020976Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Ali Snow said...

I have a golden spoon apron too!

I can't figure out whose stockings are whose. Are they hung in any particular order?

Table looks great. Love the different head chairs.

Wish we all could have been together for Christmas :(

Lisa Weiler said...

Love the Golden Spoon apron! The boys look so sharp in their Sunday clothes! Wendy, very nice picture of the temple :)

Anonymous said...

So glad your family could spend time with Harley and Wendy's family. It looks like you had a great time. I loved the picture of the drive thru light show. I remember doing that a lot with you kids. And I really like electric trains. I may have to invest in one for our house.

Love Dad

DC Diva said...

Re: the apron... what you're not appreciating is my apron, which reads, "Scientific is Terrific." Oh yes.

Dad, you should totally get an electric train! Must be a grandpa thing -- Ed was saying the same thing. Kids would LOVE visiting it!

Despite all the sickness, and lost phone, and leaking aerobeds and undercooked rolls........... it was wonderful. I was so happy to share Christmas with you Cheryl!

Heather Ross said...

Looks like you guys had a fun Christmas! Love the pic of the cousin boys in their matching holiday pajamas. So cute!