Saturday, December 17, 2011

Ryan’s 30th.

Ryan turned the big 3-0 earlier this month.  I of course made his beloved, high maintenance red velvet cake and we had a few friends over to help us eat it.  Four day’s earlier my friend’s husband threw her an huge, unbelievable surprise over the hill 30th Birthday party you can check out here.  I felt a little bad that I didn’t do more in comparison.  But I know he didn’t care.  As long as he gets his cake he’s a happy Birthday boy.




Lisa Weiler said...

Happy Birthday Ryan! I went to that link, you guys look great old, what a fun idea for a birthday party

Heather Ross said...

Jeremy requested I make a red velvet cake for his birthday earlier this month too! It's his favorite. What is it with our doctor hubs and red velvet birthday cake?

Kyle and Lindsay M. said...

That cake looks amazing! Is that Paul Johnson on the far left of that picture with Ryan and his friends?! I am really good friends with his little brother!