Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pictures from the Hospital

Here are some pictures from our eleven day stay at UPMC children’s hospital.  Best hospital on earth if you ask me.  They are in no particular order.  Note the beauty that is Lincoln’s hair.  It better come back exactly the same!!!!  The two random boys are Garrison and Stevie.  Garrison is the little black boy.  He was released and is doing well.  Stevie is wearing the mask and was very sick when we left Friday and will be there for a long time.  Love those two boys.  Pray from them too…especially Stevie.P1030084P1030212P1030213P1030217P1030150P1030154P1030197P1030117P1030120P1030121P1030125P1030126P1030131P1030078P1030095P1030106P1030107P1030089P1030090P1030092


Lisa Weiler said...

Cheryl these pictures break my heart, seeing him in the hospital gown and with all the bandages. I've always loved Lincoln's hair too, I'm sure it will grow back just the same!

DC Diva said...

Lincoln has the best hair of our entire family. It will come back.

I loved seeing these pictures... makes me feel not so detached. I love the ones of Lincoln and his new buddies. What cute kids. I love the one of you lying next to Lincoln looking at him. I love the one of Lincoln with the clown nose. He's in a good place in great hands -- esp. yours.