Sunday, November 4, 2012


I had very long hair for a very long time.  I loved it.  But a couple months ago I had a hair break down.  Lincoln was super sick from chemo, I was super sick from pregnancy, and I think I went 7 days straight with my hair in a heavy bun on the top of my head.  Every time I washed it I was grumpy for hours afterward as I picked through the tangled mess.  One day I couldn’t take it any longer.

P1030883 (961x1280)IMG_8330 (853x1280)

2012-08-25 12.26.26 (511x720)IMG_0042 (512x700)

So I told Ryan to cut it off.  He took about 6 inches off.  It was a quick fix until I could find someone to cut it short for real.  He did a good job considering he’d never cut a girl’s hair before.  Don’t worry, he watched a You Tube how to video first :)IMG_0043 (720x720)

About 2 months later my awesome friend’s mother in law hooked me up with my new due.  I love it.  SO easy, SO fast, SO different for me.  Overall I think I prefer my long hair, but for now I am loving it!!2012-10-16 09.56.59 (720x720)P1050638 (960x1280)P1050661 (951x1280)P1050654 (1280x957)P1050644 (1278x1280)P1050639 (1280x961)P1050649 (1280x948)

And here’s a 17 weeks pregnant shot.P1050684 (961x1280)


Mom said...

I love the new look, you look beautiful. You don't look pregnant at all! I am excited for the gender appointment tomorrow, another baby Harris on the way is wonderful!

Ali Snow said...

Are those your purple/blue pants? Look good. I'm surprised at how well I can see your freckles on your nose right now. Love the short hair. I love how fast short hair is to blow dry.

Ali Snow said...

Oh - and I didn't even realize you were holding Jackson in one of the pictures. I totally assumed it was Saywer.

Bethany Sines said...

you are the cutest person ever.

Heather said...

I love getting a fun new chopped off hairdo, but like you, always prefer my longer locks too.

That style is so attractive on you. You look like you have a new energy and spirit about you.

You barely look pregnant. Your body is so amazing. I can't wait to hear whether this Harris is a boy or a girl. I've got my own feeling :)


Heather said...

P.S. When you have long hair you look like Princess Aurora (aka Sleeping Beauty). :)

Mike said...

Short hair / Long Hair - doesn't matter cause I love you just the way you are. But short hair is probably better for your 10k race this week.

Love Dad

Lisa LaBanc said...

This makes me want to cut my hair, looking good sis

Steph said...

you are SOOOOOOO pretty! both with long and with short hair! ANd hello luscious lips - love that pink lipstick you have in the pics! i am SOOOO amazed with Lincoln's spelling. He is destined to be a spelling B champion! Love that cute kid. and i miss yoU!