Monday, October 15, 2012

Happy 30 to Me! Feeling Good.

I had a wonderful 30th Birthday.  It started off Saturday night when my sister Ali called me and told me to check my email because she had a surprise for me.  At first I thought she bought a plane ticket to come visit me.  She said that wasn’t it.  Then I opened my email and saw that it was a video from Lisa and so I thought Lisa was pregnant.  Ha, Ha!!  That wasn’t it either.

It was a video of 60 plus family and friends singing happy birthday to me.  I was a little confused at first and thought they might have made the video back in August at a family reunion, but I quickly realized that it had been taken just moments before.  They were at a “Light The Night” event in Utah.  They were all wearing matching T-shirts and buttons with Lincoln's face and holding signs saying “Team Lincoln”.  I was so touched.

The event is held all over the country and raises money for Leukemia and Lymphoma research.  It honors those who are struggling with blood cancer as well as survivors and those who have lost their lives.  The night involves a dinner and ceremony and 1.5 mile walk in which everyone carries illuminated balloons.  I had no idea they were doing it!   There was also a very large donation made from “Team Lincoln”.    Once again I was overcome by love and support.  It’s been over nine months now since Lincoln was diagnosed and I am amazed that people are still thinking of us and showing so much love.  Here’s a video my sister Ali put together of the event.  Lincoln Loves it.  He’s watched it at least 15 times in the past 24 hours.  He loves reading the signs, seeing his family and pictures of himself, and looking at all the “balloons for mommy’s birthday”. :)

My Dad and Ali got some serious face time on the news too!  Their words and thoughts were very sweet.  It was very special to watch.  Click here to see. 

Then about 20 minutes later I got a call from my sister Wendy who told me to check my email again because there was another surprise.  I did and found a video of her and her little family in downtown Washington DC at the “Light The Night”!   It was so sweet of her and Harley too schlep their three little boys all the way downtown late at night to show us support.  Amazing.  Here’s the video she sent me. 

The next day was my actual Birthday and it was great.  We had my cake and opened presents at 8 am because the boys couldn’t wait and I didn’t want to listen to them beg all day.  P1050573 (1280x961)Ryan made a delicious dinner and surprised me with a cool new painting for our wall. The whole family went to church together for the first time in months. The boys made me cards. Ryan cleaned the house. Facebook beamed me lots of love from friends old and new. What more could I ask for? P1050591 (993x1280)P1050575 (895x1280)P1050578 (905x1280)

So here’s what 30 looks like at 15 weeks pregnant.  Thanks everyone for making my day amazing :)


Ali Snow said...

You're so fast to blog. You look great. I love that you're having your own little photo shoot of yourself while your boys are playing at your feet. Happy Birthday!

Mom said...

I am so glad the walk was a surprise after all, we were sure someone would let the cat out of the bag. You look beautiful as always. Such a cute picture of the boys in their green shirts. What a memorable birthday. I love you!

Laurel said...

Happy Birthday Cheryl! I miss you so much and you look beautiful as always! I am happy for you and baby #3. You are one of the best moms I know and incredibly strong and patient. What a fun surprise from your family. Glad you had a great birthday, love ya!

Amanda said...

What a perfect birthday present. It brought tears to my eyes to watch. Happy Late Birthday...sorry. Hope you had such a good day. You deserve it. and you look FAB! always.

Michael said...

You and the boys are so cute. Glad you could all finally go to church together. That sounds like a milestone to me.

Happy 30th birthday!!! Last 30 years have been so happy for me.



Steph said...

SO GLAD IT WAS great! you are beautiful and look fabulous!!!

Lisa LaBanc said...

Yayyy, happy 30. You look great. Love the green matching shirts for the boys, too. This is Lisa

Heather said...

I love that your family did this for Lincoln and you. What an amazing 30th birthday.

You look gorgeous! Love the little glimpse of Baby #3 :)

DC Diva said...

Light the Night was so special for everyone involved. I love you and I love the amazing 30 year old woman you've become.