Friday, November 9, 2012

October–Pumpkins, Horrible Hospital, Amazing Sister.

We didn’t do a whole lot in October.  But somehow there’s a lot of pictures.  We picked pumpkins.P1050469 (1280x1021)P1050464 (1280x947)P1050494 (961x1280)P1050500 (961x1280)P1050509 (1280x961)We Carved Pumpkins.P1050604 (1280x961)2012-10-19 19.16.00 (720x720)P1050628 (1280x961)P1050608 (1280x961)P1050621 (1280x921)P1050625 (1280x944)We toured a fire station.P1050555 (1280x943)P1050563 (1280x961)P1050567 (961x1280)Then Lincoln finished phase 4 of his treatment and I was so excited for a nice long break from medicine and chemo before he started maintenance.  I was guessing he’d have about 3 weeks of feeling good before his counts were high enough to start back up again.  I was wrong.  Only a couple days after his last round of chemo he got a fever and we had to take him to the hospital.  We ended up being their for TEN long days.  I feel like I could write 5 posts about all the emotions and experiences we had during that time.  In fact, I started several but never finished any.  To sum it up, it was bad.  Lincoln got really, really sick.  He just had a normal virus like anyone can get but because his immune system was so compromised from the chemo it hit his little body so hard and he had such a hard time fighting it off.  It broke my heart. 

His fever went down the second day, but then he stopped eating completely.  Eating as little as a couple peanuts or yogurt puffs would make him throw up repeatedly.  He became so weak and fragile.  He had 3 blood transfusions and they put him on a feeding tub.  The days and nights were long and he just wanted to be held in bed most the time.  Finally his body started to recover and his counts started coming up.   The last few days he started eating and feeling better.  

The one ray of sunshine during that horrible hospital duration was my wonderful sister Wendy.  She was already planning to come visit during that time (seriously put a damper on our plans), but it was such a blessing that she came.   She brought her baby did so much for us.  She made Lincoln smile, gave me emotional support, cooked and cleaned, brought surprises and gifts for Lincoln, and babysat and loved on Sawyer.  And then she stayed an extra 4 days and had to find babysitters for her other two boys in DC everyday in order to do so.  My boys love her and her sweet baby Bennett so much.  98c859cc208811e2bb0f22000a1fbc94_78299b9b2205511e2a95722000a9f09e9_7a4fd14d8205311e2942b1231381b675e_770b679cc20ac11e2a68422000a1fb163_7photo (1)87a68a0020b111e2b83422000a1f9e4c_7

dd8b9896208b11e2b46022000a1deae2_7Wendy, you’re amazing.  Thank you.  Now a few more hospital pics from when Lincoln wasn’t feeling so great.  I was so excited when he asked for mashed potatoes after not eating for a few days.  But then he just played with them.  At least it was a step in the right direction.  Look at his skinny little skeleton legs :(

P1050719 (403x403)P1050690 (960x1280)2012-10-17 06.39.51 (720x720)

2012-10-19 11.24.57 (480x480)

I know I’ll look back on this picture in the future and be filled with so much emotion.  Lincoln and I have spent so much time in this position over the past ten months.  Just looking at it makes me tear up.  It was taken after a particularly traumatic experience in which I accidently stepped on his tube while lifting him up causing the needle in his port to be yanked out of place.  It hurt him so bad.  The nurses had to take off all his bandages and restick him.  He was hysterical.  I felt so beyond horrible.  Yet, when it was all done, he was so quick to forgive me and just wanted to “give mommy hugs”.  Soon he was asleep.  That’s one more thing I should thank you for Wendy - always capturing the moments.  Especially this one.  photo (3) (1280x960)

Finally, Halloween. We were still in the hospital.  Major bummer.  But at least by that time Lincoln was starting to feel better and was able to put on his Alpha Pig costume (character from a PBS kids show “SuperWhy”) and go to the hospital Halloween event for a little while.  Sawyer came too.   He  was a monkey.

P1050711 (961x1280)P1050731 (961x1280)P1050725 (1280x934)P1050742 (914x1280)


Lisa LaBanc said...

Oh those pictures! Skinny skeleton legs, and the ones of Lincoln laying on you. I didn't know that story of the tub being accidentally messed up. Sooo much emotion. You are so loving, so patient, such a good mother. Lincoln and Sawyer and baby girl are so lucky to have you.

Karie said...

Cheryl, I feel so lucky to be able to follow your family's happenings. I can't imagine everything little Lincoln, you, and your family go through on a daily basis. It looks like you do such a good job of giving your darling boys the best childhood possible. Such an inspiration. I totally cried reading about Lincoln's tub. Bless your heart. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I've been keeping you and your family in my prayers and I wish you the best.
With love,

Mom said...

Once again, with this last hospitalization, Cheryl you and Ryan faced this challenge with courage, gratitude, dignity, faith and grace. Wendy you were such a positive, supportive and helpful "Team Lincoln" team member. Sawyer was a trooper. Harley, Max and Anderson took one for the team as well. Lincoln was the ultimate champ and super hero. I love you all.

Heather said...

I think it is too cute and too funny that Lincoln was Alpha Pig. Alpha Pig with alphabet power!

Your sister is so amazing. It's a wonderful gift to have someone else do your cooking and cleaning for a little while. So glad you got to have extra time with her! :)

Keep healthy, Lincoln!

Mike said...

Hi Cheryl ...

That one pumpkin was really scary an d fancy. Wow. And fire stations are always fun to visit. Did the kiddos get to slide down the pole?

Love Dad