Monday, November 19, 2012

We’re having a Girl!

I was going to be happy either way, but I am so excited to be having a girl in April!  Ryan couldn’t come to my ultra sound so I had the tech put the gender picture in an envelope without telling me the gender.  Ryan and I went to dinner that night and opened it together.  It was a really fun way to do it and I kind of want to do it that way again if we have any more.  We are thrilled!P1050752 (1280x961)P1050753 (1280x1113)P1050759 (961x1280)P1050762 (1280x961)


Heather said...

I am seriously so happy that this baby is a girl. She's going to be amazing and so lucky to have two awesome big brothers. It's going to be wonderful to see how her feminine energy adds to your family. Have fun thinking pink when you shop and plan!

I hope my boys get to be big brothers to a little sister some day too.


Lisa LaBanc said...

soooo happy. glad you got a sitter and went out for the opening of it too :)

RRW said...

Congratulations!! You both look so great and this is so exciting. Yeah girls.