Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Birthday Fun


When Ryan got home from work we had cake and ice cream and opened a few gifts with a few friends.  IMG_7764IMG_7769IMG_7770IMG_7768IMG_7771

We have a smaller version of the magna doodle and Sawyer thinks it’s awesome.  He loves to scribble all over it.  I thought I’d get him a bigger more legit upgraded version.  That was about the only gift that I actually wrapped and didn’t end up bustin’ out before his actual Birthday.IMG_7774IMG_7773IMG_7778IMG_7779IMG_7780IMG_7762

Back tracking a bit before Sawyer’s Birthday, these next few pics were actually a couple weeks ago.  My friend Bethany’s little guy turned two and had a dinosaur party that was so fun.  You can check it out here.  Anyway, Here’s Lincoln with some of his best buds.IMG_7700




Okay, now we can fast forward back to this past weekend again. We decided to take a trip to the DC temple and visit my sister and her family.  It was great!  The boys got along much better than last time and slept through the nights all three nights.  What more can you ask for? We went to Great Falls on Sunday and just hung out and enjoyed the weekend.  We also had another little family party with Sawyer with more gifts and cake.  Bust Bud cousins.  That’s what they are.



Back to the Birthday boy.  I love him so much.  A few things to remember about Sawyer at one year old.  He is very independent and easy going.  He self entertains and does so many things by himself like getting on and off the fire truck, drinking from his sippy cup, and feeding himself.  He’s tough.  Lincoln sometimes pushes him around but he rarely cries when he falls down or gets hurt.   He’s a great, flexible sleeper.  He’s a great eater and by that I mean he’s not too picky – except when it comes to milk…he’s not a fan.  He loves to jump and climb on the bed and couch.  I love him to pieces and can’t imagine my life without him.




Ali Snow said...

You and Wendy's family sure make a big group. I'm glad you could go hang out with them and the cousins could play. Wish I were there.

You have such cute little boys. I think Lincoln looks so cute in the last picture with you and the boys.

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

Mom said...

Again, I can't believe how old he looks and how quickly he is growing up. Great post, I love seeing all these pictures!
I LOVE YOU SAWYER, Happy Birthday!

Lisa Weiler said...

happy birthday sawyer!

DC Diva said...

Where's your family Great Falls pic (saving it ((and your gorgeousness that day)) for a cmas card? Heaven knows I look hot in these pics. Wow.)? Shall I steal these or are you emailing the originals to me?

We loved having you guys. Oh the cousins! Oh the Cafe Rio! Oh the football! Oh the talking! Oh the pool! Oh the way Sawyer clings to my shirt but not to me as an aunt (he'll love me someday!) Oh the sleeping thru the night... wait... your kids did that?!? :)

Love you and all your boys. I thought about Sawyer a lot today and missed him.

Mike said...

Sawyer is so cute and handsome. He makes me smile.