Monday, September 26, 2011

Party Time!

My sweet, dear friend Heather is pregnant!  After trying to get pregnant for over 3 years and being told they had fertility complications they decided to foster to adopt.  They were mid way through that process when Heather went in for an examination relating to fertility complications when she was told she was in fact pregnant!  It was a shock to say the least.  We are all so thrilled for her.  I had the honor of hosting her shower on Saturday.  It was so much fun! 

P1010793P1010792I wanted to keep the food semi light because only a few hours later we had a Relief Society Café Rio dinner, so we served salad, Chicken Pepper Broccoli Braid (my most favorite dish ever), home-made lemonade, and a few not so light desserts :)P1010790P1010791P1010795P1010793

We ate, planned games, opened presents and discussed all things baby. She will be such a great mom.  As a family therapist she has helped so many other families and children and I am so happy for her to soon have her own.P1010798P1010797P1010799P1010802P1010805

My sister gave me the genius idea to gift a children’s story book you love and have everyone sign the inside as guest sign in book.  When I found this book and read it I started crying in the store.  It was perfect.  P1010803P1010804Love you Heather!P1010807


DC Diva said...

Shouldn't you be making a million calls regarding Lincoln right about now???????????????

Now that that's out of my system... this shower turned out fun! Good for you and happy news for Heather! I love that you have so many wonderful friends. And I love how you serve them. That braided dish alone is a labor of love!

Mom said...

I want to learn how to make that Broccoli Braid as well as you. Congratulations to Heather.

Lisa Weiler said...

So nice of you to throw the shower. You gotta see Baby Mamma the movie

Heather Ross said...

I must confess that when I read the first sentence of your post I was like "Cheryl's writing a blog post about me and my pregnancy???" I was pretty honored to be called a "dear, sweet friend" up until I read the second sentence and realized it was another Heather. haha!

So exciting for your friend to be pregnant when she least expected it. Many congrats to her! We all know what huge blessings children are!

(And yes, I am pregnant with baby deuce, so I wasn't suffering from a complete blond moment when I started reading your post!)