Saturday, October 1, 2011

Walk for Psoriasis

This morning Ryan and I participated in a “Walk for Psoriasis” fund raiser.  It was put on by the Dermatology department that Ryan works for.  It was great expect that it was pretty cold and started raining at the end.  Boo for winter and cold days already hitting.IMG_7859IMG_7857

Another random thought.  It’s been a particularly good “friend” week.  I’ve talked on the phone with 5 different girlfriends who I haven’t talked to in a long time.  It’s been so good.  Some are doing really well and others are really struggling.  I’m so grateful for lasting friendships and the ability to pick up the phone and reconnect with these girls like we haven’t missed a beat.  Sometimes it seems so hard to make the effort to stay in touch, especially as you get older and move around and meet more and more people and make more and more friends.  It can get overwhelming.   But when you do it’s so worth it.  At least it has been for me.


Ryan and Cheryl Harris said...
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Mom said...

You guys look great. The boys look VERY BIG. I don't know why I am always so surprised by Sawyer's size everytime I see him.........I't time for a visit.

Mom said...

Correction: It's must be time for Grammy to come see you.