Friday, October 28, 2011

A Taste of Philly.

A couple weeks ago Ryan had a work conference in Philly.  The boys and I decided to tag along.  Was it worth it?  Was I glad I went?  Yes.  Was it a fabulous, relaxing weekend?  Anything but.  It was pretty much exhausting especially since I was riding solo most the weekend with the two little munchkins.  We weren’t able to do a whole lot since the babies kind of cramped our touring style, but I don’t think I would have ever seen Philly otherwise, so for that reason, it was worth it.  I’ll take of taste of a new city when I can get it over nothing at all…even if it’s just a sample.

They put us up in a swanky Marriot hotel right in the middle of downtown which was helpful.  The first day the boys and I hit the town and didn’t last long window shopping before I realized I’d better find a park.  So that’s where we spent most of the morning.



We came back to the hotel for naps and then spent the afternoon exploring the hotel.  We rode the elevator and escalator countless times, discoved the various lobbies and conference rooms, and examined (tried to play with) the house keeping supplies.P1020177P1020181P1020184P1020187P1020186P1020196

That night we went swimming.  Always a crowd pleaser with the Harris boys. P1020204P1020214P1020218P1020220P1020227

The sleeping situation was the worst part.  Lincoln ended up in the bed with us both nights.  They both woke up multiple times coughing and crying.  It wasn’t good.


Sunday we were able to get out all four of us and see some sights for a few hours.  We saw the Liberty Bell.P1020233P1020235

We toured Independence Hall (The room where our founding fathers wrote and signed the constitution and declaration of Independence)P1020263

We went through Betsy Ross’s house.  She’s the lady who sewed the first American Flag –the one in the dress holding the flag. :) P1020268

And a couple random pics of Sawyer in between tours.  He makes the most expressive faces. 


Wish I could have seen and done more but it was good to get a taste.  Cool city.  Lots of History.  Check it out if you get the chance. :)


DC Diva said...

Good attitude Cheryl. Totally Mary Tyler Moore.

Love the picture of Sawyer w/ the cleaning supplies. That's probably my favorite face he has.

Also love the Betsy Ross/guy who slipped you in pic.

Is that a new swimming suit top?

Ali Snow said...

Glad you went. It mixes up life and makes you appreciate being home. You would have been bored all weekend had Ryan gone and you stayed home.

Heather Ross said...

I love Philly! So cool that you had the chance to go and stay in style at a swanky hotel. Sounds like you managed to get in a decent amount of history/touristy stuff too. Love that you and the boys made your own fun in the hotel too- escalators, maid carts, pools, lobbies- what more could a toddler want? Also, I really like the pic of Ryan with the boys pool-side. It's such a cute father & sons moment.

My dad grew up in the Philly burbs :)

Mom said...

Cheryl you are a trooper and such a good mom. I loved seeing the pictures and hearing about your trip. I wish you could take a long and refreshing nap. Maybe in February when Grandma and Grandpa come to town.