Monday, October 31, 2011

A Night with Girlfriends

I need way more of these in my life.  It’s hard to justify the money and leaving my kids and husband (not that I mind the time away – I just feel bad not being there to help with bedtime and dinner routine)  but the occasional times I do go out with girlfriends it’s SO NICE and I really have a great time.  So I was thrilled to have an excuse to do just that when my friend Karly came back into town after having moved at the beginning of the summer.  We went and had a delicious meal and then came back to my house and stayed up way to late (3 am) talking, talking and talking some more.  Love my Pittsburgh girlfriends :)302503_10150343201942763_507682762_8341405_277935035_nP1020276P1020277P1020281


Lisa Weiler said...

I love that you are still having slumber parties with the girls. You are such a good, fun friend

DC Diva said...

"And then I got up w/ my kid at 5:30..."

"And then stayed up all day..."

"And then taught 14 body pump attack your gut and dance classes..."

"And then drove 1/2 way to Gaithersburg and back to pick up 2 kids to watch for a long weekend..."