Thursday, July 21, 2011

My little Jungle Monkey

He’s ten months old and into everything!  Sawyer is so much more climby than Lincoln was and I’m just not used to it.  It seems like every time I turn around he’s trying to climb up into something.  Every time I open the refrigerator he be-lines for it like he’s just been waiting around all day for his chance to explore.  Same thing with the dishwasher.  While it’s annoying and a nuisance it’s totally adorable.  I love how curious and adventurous he is.  He a pretty tough little guy.  Many times he’s fallen trying to climb up on something and I brace myself for a monsoon of tears and surprisingly it barely phases him. 




He and Lincoln have started to play together a little bit more and sometimes I’ll catch them cracking each other up.  Nothing is better.IMG_7454


Other times they are each others worst enemies.  Lately Sawyer has been practicing walking while pushing the fire truck all around the house.  When Lincoln hops on he pushes Lincoln.  It’s all fine and dandy until Linc decides he wants to go in reverse and plows Sawyer down which always happens eventually.  And yes….I know my kids are half dressed at least half the time….it’s just how we roll.  Call me lazy.IMG_7486

Gosh he melts my heart.  Love this little Jungle Monkey!!




DC Diva said...

I was just thinking today how much I love Sawyer's compact little face.

3rd pic is my fave. It's like he's saying, "What?"

Also love the DW pics... he's so happy and looks like he's actually trying to "help" (of course I know he's not).

I love your half naked babies.

Heather Ross said...

Don't worry about your half-dressed kids. Between the two of them they have a complete outfit.

Bradford loves playing in the fridge/freezer too. He loves touching things that are cold. Is Sawyer fond of cold things too?

I love the pics of Sawyer sitting on/under that table. So cute! Also super cute swing pic.

I love that your boys are buddies! It must be so much fun to watch them together, especially because they are such adorable little guys.

Dave and Tracy said...

Your boys are so cute! I wish we lived closer so we could see you guys more!

Mike said...

I love monkeys. Being a "jungle monkey" is much better than being a jungle bunny, which is what I was called.


Atrena said...

I'm so glad Sawyer get's into things, it means my kids are normal! I love that they are half dressed b/c all my blog pictures have half dressed kids in them!

Mom said...

I have a feeling your days are numbered until he figures out how to climb out of his pack n play.........YIKES!

Jessica said...

Your boys are darling. I was looking at your pictures and saw a familiar face. Jessica Jones (I can't remember her married name, but her husband is Matthew) went to high school with me. She is so cute. Sounds like you have a good group of friends out there. I wish you were closer to us though... . Tell Jess hi for me.

Sarah Keith said...

He's such a little football player!


Really good blog!