Friday, July 15, 2011

Great Grandma and Grandpa Visit

My grandma and grandpa Weiler are two of the coolest people I know.  I want to be just like them when I grow up.  At 80 years old they are still traveling the world with incredible energy.  It was such a treat to have them visit and get some quality time with them and my little family.  They are fabulous and such good examples to me.  Love you GG and GQ!  Come back soon!IMG_7324IMG_7321IMG_7338IMG_7340IMG_7343IMG_7326IMG_7328IMG_7333


Ali Snow said...

I <3 GG and GQ. Glad they got to visit you.

IMaria said...

hello. Visit me and tell me what you say about my work.

isa, Portugal

Mike said...

Thanks Cheryl for the pictures on all 4 posts. Love hearing about your life.


Heather Ross said...

Bradford and I just got back from visiting my grandparents. It makes me so happy that Bradford gets to know who his great-grandparents are and makes me feel oh so grown-up that my grandparents know me as a mother.

So glad you had a nice visit with them. It's great that they are both healthy and fit enough to travel to see you. Hope you get to enjoy many more visits with them.

DC Diva said...

We still need to discuss this.

I just love Sawyer's little face.

I bought those F21 capris ($10.50!!!!) and hope they look as good on me as you & Lisa.

Mom said...

Grandma and Grandpa are the best! I am glad Lincoln and Sawyer had the chance to spend one on one time with them.


Beautiful family