Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Lincoln Reading & Sawyer Standing Up Sumo Style

But before we get to all of that, some pictures of there favorite past time – strollin’.  They love it.  Lincoln loves to push the stroller and ride.  Sawyer just loves to ride.  This double decker has been great.  IMG_7657IMG_7659IMG_7666


Sawyer took 12 steps in a row at 11 months and 4 days old.  He’s been walking all by himself a little everyday since.  I haven’t got that on video yet, but I did get him practicing standing up all by himself.  He spreads his legs super wide and it reminds me of a sumo wrestle. He’s getting pretty good at it!


Here’s a clip of Sawyer doing the Sumo Stand and Lincoln reading his words.

Sawyer – Eleven Months old




Amanda said...

WHAAATT!!! i am so impressed. Lincoln is a genius. maybe he should come teach andrew. haha.

Atrena said...

Lincoln is a baby einstein!

Ali Snow said...

I love those little boys. I love how Sawyer stands up and has no fear. He has for sure passed up his cousins.

And Lincoln is so smart.

Mom said...

Wow that's all I have to say.......WOW!

Heather Ross said...

I'm so proud of Lincoln! I guess since he was such a superstar at learning his shapes and letters, it's no wonder that he went right to learning words. I love his enthusiasm!

And check out Sawyer's sweet moves. You're right- he totally looks like a little sumo wrestler.

Your boys are amazing! Such smart, handsome brothers :)

Mike said...

Holy Cow. Who are these guys? I think we may need an intervention. This is not normal. Seriously, you guys rock. You go Sawyer! You go Lincoln!

Love Dad

Heather said...

Wait, wait, wait. How did you teach Lincoln how to read? I'm struggling to teach Lance and he's almost 6! And it's not because he's a dummy, either. It must be me. Pass on your secrets!

Super cute kiddos, by the way. It was funny looking at them in the stroller. There is NO denying they are brothers!

Lisa Weiler said...

i love sawyers hair!

Anonymous said...

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