Friday, July 15, 2011

Happy Birthday Lincoln – 2 years old!

Two years ago my life changed forever in the most wonderful way when I became a mom.  It’s been such a joy to watch my little baby transform into the toddler he is today.  It breaks my heart and thrills me all at the same time.  IMG_7515

Lincoln helped me make his cake because helping me stir stuff up is one of his favorite activities.  IMG_7500

Then when it was time to put the candles in he wanted more than just two…it was his cake so I figured I’d let him do with it what he wanted.


Then he got his gifts.  A basketball hoop and a water squirting toy.  He loved both.  We played with the water toy early that day outside for over an hour and he loved it and these pictures speak for themselves as far as how he felt about the basketball hoop.IMG_7513IMG_7514IMG_7517IMG_7518IMG_7521

We ate cake and then went to the park.  IMG_7524IMG_7526

Lincoln kind of gets stressed out when a lot of kids come over so instead of having a big party we just had his nursery leaders over who he loves and who are our good friends.  Ty and Emily are great with my boys.  I love them.  Wish his other nursery leaders Jena and Brent would have been in town to celebrate with us because he loves them just as much.IMG_7532IMG_7555IMG_7557IMG_7559IMG_7556IMG_7560IMG_7562

It was a great day that could have only been better if our family was around.    We love  you so much Lincoln.  You are such a smart, sweet little boy and I love you over the moon and back again.


Ming said...

What an adorable family! Lincoln really is such a darling boy and Cheryl you looks fab in these pics! Really beautiful. Motherhood suits you. :)

Heather Ross said...

Happy Birthday Lincoln! I love that he helped to make his cake. He's a fine young boy Cheryl!

Ali Snow said...

Aww...Happy birhtday buddy. You look so grown up in those pictures. I like that he wanted more than 2 candles. Did he know how to blow them out? And I like that his nursery leaders came to his party. How fun. Love you Link a Bink!

DC Diva said...

Cute Lincoln! He's looking so big... and so much like Ryan.