Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Grand Tour Part 2–Upstairs

In case you missed the downstairs tour you can find it here, and now for the upstairs.

Lincoln’s Room

Lincoln’s room will someday be Lincoln and Sawyer’s room, so I went ahead and decorated it that way from the beginning.  I’m really glad I did because I can’t tell you how many nights I’ve spent on Sawyers mattress sleeping with Lincoln.  Eventually we’ll put these beds together with side rails and lifted mattresses, but Lincoln rolls out of the bed too much and the boys love to jump on them so we’re holding off for now.2012-09-21 11.44.18 (1280x961)2012-09-21 11.47.41 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.48.06 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.47.51 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.47.11-2 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.45.06 (1280x961)2012-09-21 11.44.42 (1280x961)Upstairs boy’s bathroom.2012-09-21 11.35.24 (1280x961)2012-09-21 11.34.41-2 (1280x961)Master Bed Room.

This is my least favorite room decoratively.  I ran out of money in my decorating budget on the family room.  So this room is very Blah.  Maybe next year.2012-09-21 11.28.29 (1280x961)2012-09-21 11.28.39-2 (1280x931)2012-09-21 11.29.09 (1280x961)The Master Bathroom.2012-09-21 11.30.41 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.29.57 (1280x961)

My Closet – Best part of the House.

Remember how I had to hang my clothes above the cereal in my cupboard in Pittsburgh because the closets were the size of a suitcase?  This is heaven.2012-09-21 11.32.52 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.33.23 (961x1280)2012-09-21 11.33.42 (961x1280)Sawyer’s Room2012-09-21 11.53.56 (1280x961)2012-09-21 08.39.13-2 (944x1280)2012-09-21 08.38.47 (961x1280)2012-09-21 08.37.40 (942x1280)2012-09-21 08.37.23-2 (1280x948)2012-09-21 08.37.12 (944x1280)2012-09-21 08.37.02 (943x1280)Top of the Stairs.2012-09-21 08.36.29 (939x1280)Lincoln feeling much better this week.2012-09-21 08.36.02 (961x1280)


Emily said...

Love it. Your house looks super cute. :) i like the boys bedroom. and kudos to the bedspread in your room. ;) haha

Mom said...

The house looks great and so clean and tidy with all you have going on that's amazing. I know Ryan cleaned up the other day, that was so wonderful of him to do that. Lincoln looks sooooooooooooooooo much better this week. I can't believe how curly his hair is. I am so glad you are all having a better week. Lincoln's room is my favorite. I miss my Binks and that spare bed.

Lisa LaBanc said...

Looks good! So where is the bounce house? You don't have a basement in this house, do you?

mike said...

Hey ... I can testify that the matress on the floor is actually quite comfy.

Love Dad

Ali Snow said...

I like that on your make up table in the bathroom you have the sissy pic and Hannah is in it. Her Aunts are all she has right now as far as her gender goes. Looks good. The big boy room is really cute. So you just have a big ol' landing at the top of your stairs to house the train table?

Heather said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a "boring" master bedroom. Plain white walls and no pictures in my house and we've lived here for two years. I do love your bed linens though, and your closet and master bath are incredible!

That train table looks like a lot of fun!

DC Diva said...

Your house looks great! Why did it take me so long to read this?? I love that you finally have not just decent, but awesome bathrooms! And closet. So great. The boys' room looks great! Love their names above the twin beds. I'm excited to come bunk up w/ Lincoln. Love what you've done w/ the Ikea shelves! Fun placing them in different places and groupings. Impressed you have updated pics in frames. I noticed the aunts w/ Hannah pic too and the cousins at the pool. Excited to see it all in person IN 27 DAYS! HOORAY!

DC Diva said...

Also, feel like your pics have seriously improved. Nice to see you rockin' your new camera!