Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday Bean!

It’s crazy to me that this little bug is already two, yet in so many ways he has seemed like a two year old for about the past year.  He speaks so well and is so coordinated for his age.  Either way I’m so glad he came into my life 2 years ago.cheryl-photo-modified (467x926)

We started the Birthday weekend at the pool.  A family favorite.  We didn’t use the neighborhood pool too much this summer, but I’m so excited for the next two summers and all the memories we’ll make there.  It’s so nice and big and there’s hardly ever anyone there.

P1050062 (897x1280)P1050073 (951x1280)P1050079 (851x1280)P1050080 (936x1280)P1050082 (912x1280)P1050084 (961x1280)

His party was the next day.  It was low key but he still had a really great time.  We had our neighbors the Curry’s over (same awesome neighbor from this post) and our friends Tanner and Megan.  Carolyn made this darling boat cake.  Wish I could claim it myself.  Sawyer loved it! 

P1050107 (914x1280)P1050120 (961x1280)

P1050116 (1280x961)

We Barbequed on the new grill and it was delicious.
P1050136 (1280x961)P1050141 (1280x961)Megan and Tanner are so sweet and got Sawyer a cute book.2012-09-01 16.46.31 (1280x961)2012-09-01 16.46.00 (1280x961)And they had one for Lincoln too because they felt bad for not brining one for him on his birthday!  Totally unnecessary, but Lincoln was so happy to have a gift of his own.2012-09-01 16.48.57 (1280x961)

The Curry’s got him a little Piano and magna doodle.  SO nice of everyone.  The friend gifts were way better than ours and we weren’t even expecting anyone to bring any!2012-09-01 17.28.41-2 (1280x961)P1050156 (947x1280)

Sawyer’s gifts from Ryan and I = a pack of gum, a bag of skittles and a couple of water balls for the pool.  But I must say he was SO excited about his gum :)  No big deal he chews gum like a big kid and has been doing so for months.  I’m telling you….he’s a 4 year old in a 2 year old’s body.

P1050180 (917x1280)P1050176 (913x1280)2012-09-01 17.35.48 (1280x961)P1050183 (853x1280)

Amazing Cake.P1050214 (1280x958)P1050208 (916x1280)photo (1) (983x1280)

Love you beyond description Bean!!  So glad you are mine. P1050193 (1280x914)


Lisa LaBanc said...

You guys got a grill? And you figured out how to blur the picture of Sawyer, it looks great! What nice friends you have in North Carolina already. Happy Birthday Bean!!

Codi said...

I love the pictures of him with the gum!!! Those are so cute and he is so happy!!

Mike said...

All of a sudden it seems that Sawyer likes to ham it up for the camera and is photogenic. (just like his Mom) Great boat cake.

Love Grandpa

Heather said...

So one of your friends looks a lot like Prince Harry. (Pic of Sawyer with his present and two other kids and two adults). I'm thinking maybe you really are friends with Prince Harry. Glad he wore clothes to this party.

Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

Mom said...

Sawyer looks so happy and excited in the "birthday chair" with the balloons on the back. I love seeing the 4 kiddos at the kid table...good purchase. The pictures of Sawyer with the gum are priceless. I liked the "Happy Birthday" letters on the oven, can I assume that part of the birthday decorations were from Lincoln? Happy Birthday Bean.......you make me smile and I love your happy face!

Ali Snow said...

That first picture looks great. Such a cute smile. I can't believe he's 2! Like you said, he seems like he's been 2 for awhile now. So nice of your friends to bring gifts. I love how easily pleased little kids are. Also love the Happy Birthday letters.

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DC Diva said...

You guys got a grill?

Cute Happy Birthday letters! Are those Lincoln's letters? Way to use them for decor! Fun tradition! Does the "H" have cupcakes on it? Perfect!

Love the Sawyer gum pics. What a ham!

In the very first top pool pic on the left, they could be identical twins. Seriously. Look at that! Lincoln looks exactly like Sawyer!

Dude does kind of look like Prince Harry.

In the pic w/ the other friends (Carolyn?) w/ the piano wrapped up... that is Anderson's EXACT smile! Sawyer looks like Anderson! Don't you think he does here? Holy cow!

I sure love that jumping Bean!