Saturday, March 24, 2012

Inspriation at Yoga

Today a woman with no legs came and took my yoga class. I didn't notice her until midway through the class. The lights were low, she was towards the back, and there were over 50 students. When I saw her it made me a little nervous because I didn't know exactly what precautions she should be taking through out the practice, but she seemed to be doing well as she adjusted the poses and stretches to work for her body. She did her best and stayed through the entire class. I hoped to talk to her after class but she left to quickly. Then, leaving the gym I saw her in the lobby. I went up and thanked her for coming to the class. She has the most beautiful face. She said she really enjoyed it and told me how much she loves coming to the gym. She's lost 20 pounds since she started with her trainer a few months ago. I congratulated her and told her I hoped to see her again in class sometime. As I drove home I couldn't stop thinking about her. What an inspiration! What an humbling and wonderful example of making the best of your situation and the body that you've been blessed with. What a beautiful person to have met.

Also today during the same yoga class I saw a couple gently holding hands as they lay side-by-side during shavasana (final relaxation). I'd never seen that before. It was lovely.

Great yoga class today. I love my job. :)

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Laura said...

I'm mad they put you over in the yoga room on Tuesdays. Your flow class was one of my favorites, but then again I have had a hard time getting to the gym between me or Grace being sick. YOu are a really really good teacher. I loved both your classes more than any class I ever went to. You have a talent.