Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Girlfriends Trip–Relief and Rejuvenation

I was planning on going to Utah to reunite with a bunch of my girlfriends from Virginia, but then Lincoln got sick and I cancelled my tickets.  My original trip was for 12 days.  I really debated going but in the end I decided to do it and I’m so glad I did.  Instead of 12 days I went for 5, two of which were travel days.  I was so nervous about leaving Lincoln, not knowing how he’d react to Phase two of his treatments.  But I knew he’d be in good hands.  My mom and Ryan stayed here with Lincoln and I took Sawyer.  My dad flew back to Pittsburgh from Utah while I was gone and then both my parents left and drove their car home back to Utah and it was just Ryan and Lincoln over the weekend.  He did really well while I was gone and that made it so much easier to be gone and I was able to really enjoy myself.  I got in to Utah on Wednesday and hung out with my siblings and their finances…yes plural…my brother and sister are engaged to be married this June!  IMG_7961IMG_7962Then Thursday I got together with Stephanie during the day and then with my best high school/college friends.  I love these ladies so much and am bummed my time with them was so short.IMG_7915

Then Thursday night at I met my Virginia friends up at Danielle’s condo in Snowbird to start the weekend of fun.  We had no idea her condo was so nice!  It was such a fun surprise.  The place was sweet.  Grand piano, elevator, indoor hut-tub….we kind of want to go there every year.IMG_7934IMG_7933IMG_7952IMG_7954IMG_7921

We went down to the valley both days for shopping and eating.   Poor Desiree from Florida had never been to CafĂ© Rio so we made sure to go there!  Always a treat.IMG_7916IMG_7917We saw a the chick flick “This means War”.  It was entertaining, but not my fave.IMG_7918Maere, Trac and Danielle visited their old sorority down at the U.IMG_7941We shopped. IMG_7942IMG_7943IMG_7946We got pedicures.  My sweet friends treated me.  I love them.IMG_7947IMG_7948IMG_7950

We relaxed in the hot tub and stayed up late talking in bed.IMG_7925IMG_7926IMG_7927We ate some more…and all ordered the same thing :)IMG_7951It was so much fun.  We laughed, we cried, we vented, we sympathized, we bonded.  Just what I needed.  We also really missed all our Charlottesville friends who weren’t there.  We feel bad we didn’t make it more known to everyone.  So next year we’ll be sure to invite everyone and hopefully more of our fabulous friends can come.   It’s amazing how much a little girlfriend time can do for an overtired, over stressed mama.  Thanks so much Danielle for an awesome time at your condo.  IMG_7920Sunday I spent with my family and Monday Sawyer and I flew home.  A big thanks to my super pregnant, super awesome sister Ali who watched Sawyer for me all weekend.  Love you Ali, it was so great to see you!

PS. Sawyer was a champ on the airplane both travel days.  We had two layovers and 12 hour travel days both times.  Not ideal, but worth the trip.



DC Diva said...

Those are funny pics of the Soy Boy. I was hoping to see a prego pic of Ali. Does Austin have a mustache??

You look GREAT Cheryl. What a sweet hook up. I'm SO glad you went on this trip and had such a wonderful, relaxing time. Oh my you needed it.

DC Diva said...

P.S. When did you start parting your hair down the middle?

Ming said...

I'm SO glad you got to take this trip. No one deserves it more than you...well maybe your mom. ;) It's so wonderful and needed to have good girlfriends in your life. I'm glad you went and that it was so much fun.

Amanda said...

What a fun trip! I'm glad you got to go! What great family you have to watch your kids. Hope the next 59 days go well!!

Carrie Helland said...

I miss you and Sawyer already! He is so dang cute. Can't wait to see you guys again :)

Danni and Brad said...

Oh that was fun!!! I loved reliving it looking at these. Glad you took pics because I didn't take ANY! You got some winners of me too :) Oh so good to see you Cheryl, I love you.