Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christmas Baby!

My good friend Heather had her first baby three weeks ago and asked if I would take some pictures of him.  I was happy to do it but am completely un-qualified.  After her reassurances that there was no pressure and it was just for fun I agreed. It forced me to finally start to learn a little bit about our new camera which has been a daunting task that I’ve been procrastinating.  There a re a lot of things I would change looking at these.  For example I would have put the tree against a bigger wider wall or at least moved the fire truck and picture frames in the back ground.  I would have also had Heather wear all black on top and had her not sit on my floor against the couch.  Those were totally impromptu while she was trying to soothe him but I think they turned out so cute I wish those things could be changed.  She assured me her husband is a photo shop wiz so hopefully he will be able to fix a few and they are able to get something they like.  But one thing is for sure, baby Weston and his mom are both beauties and he is just as sweet as can be. 




Mom said...

Well done for your first photo shoot, well done!

DC Diva said...


You go girl!

I've had 2 people ask me this week to do a photo shoot. I'm stressed.

The Putneys said...

Cheryl, don't underestimate your talents. You had great ideas and you made me and my baby look great!!! Thanks for your time and talents!!!
- Heather :)