Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Yay for Visitors!

I’ve been so lucky to have three visitors in the past month.  I love having visitors.  Anyone’s welcome anytime!  The past few days my aunt and uncle and their four adorable kids came to visit from St. Louis.  They are awesome, and it was so fun to have them.  Their kids were so good and cute with my boys.  My aunt took most the pictures and I forgot to get them from her, but I did snap a few at the Children’s Museum which was totally fun by the way.  I’d recommend it for adults too :)


We loved the fun house mirrors!  How awesome is this pic?IMG_6923IMG_6928IMG_6929IMG_6930


Lincoln’s favorite exhibit was, of course, the water floor.IMG_6941


A couple weeks ago my brother Tom came from DC for a weekend.  We had a great time with him too and he was also fabulously helpful with the boys.


Lincoln going to Nursery…only about the second or third time in our ward.  He’s getting better and better every week.


My Girlfriend Jessica from Virginia came and visited last week with her two girls and it was so good to see her.  Failed to take any pictures…so here’s one from way back in day…in my dark days of 2008.

Jessica's wedding 001

And a random one of the Bean….because he’s adorable.


Good times.  Great people.  Ya’all come back soon!  And actually I think Tom is coming back this weekend.  Let the good times roll.


DC Diva said...

I LOVE seeing all these pics of your kids w/ Colleen's. Where's Emily & Blair? When did Megan get so old? I bet they were so helpful w/ your kids! That museum looks great. The pic of Sawyer w/ Megan where he's reaching up looks like Max to me! And that Lincoln mirror picture... ahhhhh!!!! So funny!

Great picture of Tom & boys @ church. Love how Tom & Lincoln are so dressed up... and Sawyer... is in his pajamas?

Tom is coming to P-burgh this weekend?

Geoff and Kash said...

You are so lucky that you have had so many visitors! And I'm so glad you guys had a good time at the Children's Museum! It really is such a cute place!

Mom said...

Sawyer looks very much at home on Megan's hip. I loved the pictures of Lincoln in his yellow water gear. Send more pictures when you get them! So nice of Tom, Jessica and Colleen's family to visit.

Heather Ross said...

That fun house mirror picture was hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Atrena said...

That mirror picture is too funny! Love it! Your a lucky girl to have had so many visitors!

Lisa Weiler said...

so fun! I love the pict of lincoln in the crazy mirror, his face is priceless. that looks like such a fun museum. Jealous you got to hang out with the Lofgreens :)