Friday, March 4, 2011

Utah Febcation

We didn’t go home for Christmas this year and my mom was sad.  So she decided to fly me and my boys and Wendy and her boys home in February as a birthday present to herself.  Since Ryan has been so busy lately I decided to stay a while…I stayed most of February and had a wonderful “Febcation”.  The following are some visuals and highlights in no particular order.

Valentines Day with the babies and Great Grandma’s amazing, delicious food and dinner party. DSC_0394



Super fun girlfriends weekend including shopping, photo shoot (enter “girlfriends”), cupcakes and sleepover.


Jamberry Nails with Wendy.  Love them.





Played in the snow.


Worked out.


Went to Church.



Threw my parents a surprise Birthday party including grandbaby hand printed apron and T-shirt gifts, personalized game of Pictionary, and a yummy dinner.









Took a walk down memory Lane spending a day in P-town at the BYU visiting Lisa for lunch at the Wilk.



Went Swimming!



Visited Boise to see Grandma and Grandpa Harris and Aunt Alesha and Kaylyn.  So fun to see them especially Alesha who is pregnant and on bed rest with Triplets! Unfortunately I didn’t get any pictures of the mama to be :(IMG_6835IMG_6825

One other highlight and probably my favorite day of the trip was the day I went skiing and snowboarding with my sisters and Dad.  IT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! It was my job to bring my camera because it is the smallest and easiest to ski with…and I did…but the battery was dead.  It’s too bad too because it was the most gorgeous day and we had such a blast.

Such great times in Utah, shout out and thank you to mom for bringing us out there, but now it’s back to livin’ it up in the burgh.  It’s good to be home with Ryan again :)


Sarah Keith said...

Your trip sounds way too fun for February!!! I am jealous. I am glad you are back here with us now though!

James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Yeah I missed you tons but look how much fun you had! And look how freaking HOT you are!

DC Diva said...

I just smiled looking at this post.

Why are all your pictures so small?

You neglected to mention you were called both a model and a chick w/ you-know-what within 24 hours. That was maybe my favorite part.

Ming said...

Such a fun post! I've been enjoying hearing all about this trip from Wendy and was glad to put some pics to the stories. You all look beautiful! I LOVE this family!!!

PS where did Lisa get her swimming suit? I LOVE it! Seriously so cute, I want one. :)

RRW said...

Well shoot, love the picture of Anderson working out with you. Also wish I would have seen you guys in Provo. That would have been super cool.

Lisa Weiler said...

great post :)

Laurel said...

We missed you, but glad you could do so many fun things. What a cute picture of you and your friends.

Amanda said...

Being out in Utah for most of February sounds like me last year. With two kids though?!? Props to you. Sounds like you guys had an awesome time. Your boys are both getting so big, and so adorable. One of these days when the weather isn't ridiculous we'll have to travel out to the burgh to visit you all!

Heather Ross said...

Glad you had such a great trip! Loved seeing the pics of all the little cousins together. I wish Bradford had some baby cousins to play with and I had sisters to hang out with! I guess I'll just have to live vicariously through you :)

Miss you XOXOXO

Rach said...

The baby downward dogs made me smile. I know it was months ago now, but I'm glad you had such a fun time!