Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Holy Heat!

I honestly don’t know how the pioneers did it.  I’m about to complain about the insane heat wave that took over Pittsburgh and how awful it’s been making life, yet I have a semi-adequate window unit air conditioner, and I don’t have to wear dresses and petty-coats all day.  I would have died.  I would have wished death upon myself.  I’m so glad I live now and not then. 

It’s been hot.  Really hot.  Back in the day in high school and college this would have been fine.  I would have loved going to the pool and lake all day everyday.  But when your nine months pregnant, have a one-year old who you constantly worry is becoming dehydrated and sunburned, and have no pool it’s just pretty much miserable . 

For this reason we haven’t gone out much during the day, however the other day we did attempt a walk with a new friend down-town on the boardwalk by the river.  It was a beautiful walk, but oh the heat.  Poor Lincoln.  I felt like an abusive parent.  I kept squirting him with water and making him drink, yet by the end of the walk this was the result….hot, sweaty, tired and adorable.


I know I’ll be kicking myself when winter comes and wish it was summer.  I just want a happy medium.  70 degrees would be nice for a little while.  At least I’m not a pioneer.


hi! said...

ohhhhhh cuters

Amanda said...

Seriously, it's been the worst summer ever... and of course we're pregnant! It has created a lot of indoor days, which gets SO boring, and I will be regretting staying indoors when I'm literally trapped indoors come December and January.

DC Diva said...

Amen, amen, amen.

100 million degrees + nursing = NOT PRETTY.

Did I tell you what our electric bill was for June? I cried when I opened the bill.

Remember when you went to Utah to have great A/C and mom and dad's unit broke? Oh the irony!

DC Diva said...

Oh and that bill I cried over... we're not even paying to be COOL. We're paying to be just above the not sweating point. We're not cold, cool or even comfortable. We're just not sweating (barely) and paying through the nose for it.

Heather Ross said...

Cheryl you had me laughing out loud at this post! Not only is that picture of Lincoln so miserably adorable, but seriously, how did the pioneers do it? At least you have pioneer in your blood. My relatives stepped off the boat in Boston and never ventured off the East Coast.

Dave and Tracy said...

Oh Lincoln is so cute!! It has been so hot in Cville too! Never in my life have I wished that summer would end.. until now :)
Miss you!