Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I can't believe my little baby is one year old! Man has the past year flown by. Is this how they will all be? Over before I know it? It has been so fun watching him transform before my eyes the past 12 months. Good thing I get to start all over with a new little baby boy in six weeks! (I'm actually petrified for the new baby to come...Lincoln can't even walk yet!)

Lincoln had two little celebrations for his birthday. The first one was in Utah 3 days before his birthday with a whole lot of his cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents and great-grandparents....but unfortunately not his Dad. His second party was yesterday on his actual Birthday with Ryan, me, and Wendy, grandma and Anderson via web cam.

Pittsburgh Party
He got "scout" the talking dog from Aunt Wendy, and sports center from me and Ryan.

I think he is a little afraid of Fire. He didn't quit know what to think.

Utah Party

Lincoln's great grandma Jean shares a birthday with him and turns 80 this year! She is awesome and you'd never guess that was her age. She acts and seems more like 50 or 60. We made her a 80 cake too.

A bunch of Lincoln's cousins on the Harris side made it to the celebration!

It was great to see some of my sister-in-laws Liz and Cherie. We rarely see them so it was really fun that they were there.

The Birthday boy with his beloved Balls. The kid loves nothing more. Okay maybe he loves Baths and watching movies of himself just as much. I love you Birthday Boy!!

The other highlight of my trip to Utah was meeting this little lady!

She's my new niece Hannah! Ali had her back in May and it was so fun to hold and love her in person. Yay Ali, she's so perfect!


Mike said...

What a cute baby and family. Your visit was so fun. I love how Lincoln loves balls so much. I wish I knew where his "glow in the dark" ball was. I think he will be juggling on his next birthday.



Heather Ross said...

Happy 1st Birthday Lincoln! I remember holding him when he was just a few days old and thinking what a beautiful, perfect baby he was. It was enough to make me wish I would have a beautiful, perfect baby boy just like him. Little did I know that I was pregnant with my boy then! Cheryl, how are you only 6 weeks from your due date? You don't even look like you are 6 months pregnant! What's your secret? XOXO!

Jill said...

Lincoln is SO cute.

Laurel said...

I am blog stalking you! I am glad Ryan was around for Lincoln's birthday. He is so adorable. I love the family picture on top of your blog. Only Sarah and I were at park group, but you will have to come next week.

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday Linc! And excuse me, but you do not even look pregnant from the front. I need to see a profile shot of that baby bump of yours. You've only got a handful of weeks left, so get on it!

DC Diva said...

I love you Lincoln.

Laurel Criddle said...

Cheryl Cheryl Cheryl! HE is adorable! What cute little chubs he has! How can you be such a hot mama? I miss you and hope life is treating you beautifully.