Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Their Favorite Place

All day long I battle these two away from the bathroom sink.  Lincoln is just tall enough to reach the nob to turn on the water and the two of them turn the bathroom into a water park in five minutes unattended.  It usually looks something like the pictures below or Sawyer is on the toilet leaning over the sink and Lincoln is on the step.  We have a child proof lock on the door, but when I accidentally leave it open it’s one wet ride.  P1040388 (1280x961)

P1040390 (1280x961)P1040392 (1280x961)Now for an update on this little one.P1040393 (961x1280)Lincoln hasn’t had any treatment’s since May 7th when he finished Consolidation phase.  He has the hair to prove it!   He was supposed to start the next phase on the 14th.  For the past three weeks we’ve gone in to hoping to start, but his blood counts haven’t been high enough.  I already blogged about this a couple weeks ago so I don’t need to rehash why this makes everything complicated and difficult for our lives and schedule.  At the end of the day none of that even matters.  All that matters is that he recovers and never relapses.  I just want him to be healthy and live a long, happy life.  I would trade anything in the world for that.  That’s the hardest part about the delays in treatment.  It terrifies me that they will cause him to relapse someday.  Last Monday Lincoln’s ANC was at 650.  It has to be above 750.  So next Monday should be the day he finally starts phase three. 

On a brighter note, he’s felt fantastic the past month and we’ve been able to get out a little and enjoy the warm weather and even play with some friends. We went to a ward memorial day picnic and had a great time.  I was a slacker and didn’t bring my camera, but found these candid pics on my friends blog.  Thanks Jess!IMG_1838 (1280x853)

IMG_1776 (1280x852)

I can’t believe how much we have going on over the next four weeks.  It all starts tomorrow when Sawyer and I fly out to Utah for my baby brother’s wedding.  Two weeks later I’ll be back for my baby sister’s wedding, and then it’s four hospitalizations, packing a house, and moving.   I hope to keep the old blog updated, but if I don’t you’ll know why :)  Wish us luck!


Steph said...

Love u!!!! So much going on and u always stay positive! Thanks for being such a good example to me!!!

Lisa Weiler said...

You are the best Cheryl. Next Monday will be the day! Cute pictures from the picnic. Love the matching outfits

Heather said...

I'm glad that you have happy, exciting things like two family weddings going on in your life now.

Many congratulations to them! Love is wonderful! :)

The Harrisons said...

I hope everything works out!

Beau also LOVES playing in his bathroom sink. He calls it a pool and he'll stand on his step for hours and play if I let him! Boys sure love water and making messes, huh?!

Jill said...

I actually just pulled my two little girls away from the bathroom sink before I sat down to read this post. I hope things are going well in Utah at the weddings. We miss you.

DC Diva said...

Lincoln totally looks like you in that shot of him looking up!