Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Awesomeness Everywhere

Some pretty awesome people are making some pretty awesome things happen in honor of and for Lincoln. Let me just tell you about a few.
Awesomeness #1
Vygor is a gym I teach aerobics and yoga classes at here in Pittsburgh. They are having a week long “I-inspire” event. It consists of multiple free seminars including Weight Management, Healthy Eating, Being your Best You, and Becoming Inspired Everyday …to name a few. The week also includes fitness classes and training sessions. I’m helping teach part of a special two hour long workout Friday night as part of the event. In return club members and community members are invited to make donations that will all be given to UPMC Children’s hospital Oncology department in honor of Lincoln. Pretty awesome huh?! Also Vygor is donating 10% of money earned from any purchased packages or Products sold this week to Children’s Hospital as well. My director emailed me yesterday that to tell me that four of the kids from the “kids Yoga” class at the gym had a bake sale for Lincoln/children's hospital and raised $300.00.
Awesomeness #2
On Saturday my church is putting on a Blood Drive to help replenish the Blood Bank in honor of Lincoln. A lot of work has been put into organizing and preparing for Saturday, and we already have more than 50 people signed up to donate. How great is that!! I’m going to try and take pics and post more on that post blood Drive. Here’s the flyer that’s been circulating our church and community. If you haven’t signed up yet and you’re in the area, it’s you only have a few days left!
Awesomeness #3
I’ve talked about the awesomeness that is Jack Demos and Surgicorps before, and I’ll talk about them again. Jack is a “retired” physician who travels the world on medical missions helping people who otherwise would have no help. When he’s not across the globe saving the world he likes to come to my group fitness classes. The more I learn about him and what he does the more impressed and inspired I become. Currently he’s in Bhutan. Before he left he asked if it’d be okay he I gave him a few pictures of Lincoln to take with him. Today I got the following pictures in an email from Jack. The first three are of Tiger's Nest, an extremely famous monastery located outside of Paro and visited by tons of Buddhists yearly. Absolutely spectacular.
These are Prayer flags hung by the monastery. Jack hung one for Lincoln.
These next three are inside the monastery with "His Holiness", a Buddhist monk that blesses who is revered in Bhutan. In the photos he's writing Linc's name on the back of his picture and promised to say appropriate prayers and blessings for his speedy recovery and return to a wonderful state of health. Jack is in the Black with the white scarf.
These two are Holy Children ages 11 and 14. They are recognized as special teachers from a past life. The older is destined to become the highest ranking Buddhist leader some day. They are praying for Lincoln too.
Although I’m not Buddhist and I don’t believe in the same things they do, I am so touched and grateful that they are thinking of and praying for him. I’m also so appreciative and moved by the kindness of Jack to ask these people to pray on my son’s behalf.
Awesomeness #4
Lets not forget my awesome in laws who raised over $3000.00 for childhood cancer research and shaved their heads. If you sometimes feel like there is a lack of good people in the world doing good things, I beg to differ. There are good people doing amazing, wonderful, Christ-like things everywhere. You just have to open your eyes and see them. Thank you to all you awesome people. Lincoln says thanks too.


Harley King said...

Seeing the work of others on behalf of Lincoln inspires me. This world is full of great people.

Ali Snow said...

Wow - what awesome things that are being done on behalf of Lincoln. What a wonderful support system you have.

Mom said...

I don't know what to say. I am so touched by the thoughts, prayers and service of so many people. Like Dad has said before, "if love could heal Lincoln, then would be cured." Much of the kindness being extended by the people at Vygor is a reflection of how much love and respect people have for you Cheryl. I can see why you admire Dr. Jack so much, he is awesome. All the people represented in this post are awesome, most especially you and Lincoln. He looks so cute holding his "thank you" card!

Laura said...

you made me cry. People everywhere from every walk of life are so good. You are blessed to know them.

Becca said...

Thank you for sharing this. I was so touched by it. You can feel the spirit that is in all of what is going on in behalf of Lincoln! I started bawling in my kitchen and barely made it through this post . .
(Becca Harris)

Mike said...

Thank you Cheryl for sharing this. It is so inspiring and humbling. I remember Jack very well and have great respect for him and his Bhuddist friends. (And he is in such great shape for someone his age - I understand why he likes your class so much) Tell him hi from me.

Love Dad

Sarah H said...

So Sweet. I'm glad you have such wonderful friends that care enough to do something to help. Inspiring.

Heather said...

With all of the generosity and love in this world, how could you not be inspired and hopeful?


Lisa Weiler said...

Wow. People are awesome!

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