Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Consolidation Set Back and The triplets turned one!

Yesterday we went in to the hopsital for Lincoln to get his treatments and he wasn't able to get them. They always take his blood first to see what his counts are and yesterday his ANC was under 100. It had to be above 750 for him to get treatment. His immune system is too weak to handle the drugs right now. SO we have a week off and everything's pushed back a week. In a way it's nice to give him a break, but I'd definitely prefer he didn't have any set backs. It's not like we can go out and have a fun week now. It's just another week of sitting around the house being super careful delaying the inevitable.

I wish the kid would eat. He seems to be disappearing before my eyes. So skinny. All he would eat for dinner yesterday was ice cream. So ice cream he had.

On a different note, my wonderful sister-in-laws triplets turned ONE last week! They had the most adorable photo shoot I think I've seen. Check out these little darlings.

This is the same awesome sister-in-law who shaved her head to raise over $3000 for children's cancer research. Click here to see my two sister-in-laws, their husbands, and one of my nephews without hair. We have an awesome family.

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