Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My Monkey Babies

Soy Bean’s Seven months already!  Shesh, where does the time go?  He’s a super happy, active, curious little guy who just loves exploring all the new things life has to offer.  He melts my heart. 





So I tried to do a photo shoot of both of them and this is what most of the pictures looked like.


But then I busted out the blocks and piggy bank and we built towers and put money in the slot and got a few better pics.  Still none with both smiling looking at the camera, but better.  I love taking pictures with the monkey.  Probably because my boys remind me of little monkeys.  We call them monkeys all the time.  Between all their thick, wavy hair and their cute little primate-like bodies I can’t think of a more suitable nick-name.  IMG_7011IMG_7012IMG_7019

Lincoln’s signing for “more” coins.  What would we do without our signs?IMG_7025

Love me some “boys in their diapers” pictures.  And yes, they are wearing diapers although in the first picture it appears questionable. 



I live for these two boys.  They are my full time job.  My life.  My World.  As much work as it is I wouldn’t have it any. other. way. 


mccall said...

you've sure got yourself some handsome fellas!

James said...
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James & Stephie Lynne Purcell said...

Agreed- what good looking boys! I love the picture where Lincoln is crying... so classic :)

Heather Ross said...

I saw a baby in the grocery store the other day that looked like Sawyer. I got all excited because I was like, "I know that baby!" Then I realized that a) the baby was wearing a pink dress and b) I was in a Richmond grocery store so even if the baby had been a boy, it wouldn't be Sawyer anyway.

Those diaper pics with the monkey are so cute. We call Bradford "monkey" too. I totally agree with the observation that they have little "primate" bodies. Especially with how babies hold on to you, sometimes it is like you have a little monkey in your hands.


Ali Snow said...

Oh yes...this is much better. Such cute little guys. I love Sawyer's little tongue that's sticking out in one of the first pictures. They will be the best of buds.

Mom said...

I think Lincoln is looking more like you at that age and I can really see Ryan in Sawyer. You are such a good and loving mom and Ryan is a great dad...... those are two very lucky monkeys.

Lisa Weiler said...

love me some monkeys.

Amanda said...

I can't believe how big BOTH of your boys are getting. And they look so different from each other, but they are bound to be best buds.

Michael said...

Monkey see, Monkey hear, Monkey do. I love monkeys.

Love Grandpa