Friday, October 15, 2010

To cut or not to Cut

It’s hard to imagine Lincoln without his auburn, flowing locks.  It’s kind of his trademark.  While I love that mop of hair, lately it’s been a little too unruly.  Sometimes it’s really cute.

IMG_6342IMG_6346     IMG_6351  


Other times, like when he’s mad and sweaty…which happens at least once a day, it looks pretty bad.




Ideally I would just trim it…but I’m pretty sure he’s not going to sit still for me and if by some miracle he did I don’t think he’d let me do every couple weeks which is what trimming would require.  Last time I cut it I took a good bit off, and he did sit still but I’m doubtful he’ll be that good again.  So what do you think?  Go all or nothing?  Try and Trim?  Let it grow and flow?  I’m torn.


Joe and Beth/BethanySines photography) said...

leave it!! he's a little stud!

Ali Snow said...

I don't know....that's a tough one. Wait until after Halloween. Wait, he's not going to be a lion. Maybe a little trip. Give him a sucker and a movie and he'll sit still.

Mom said...

Give him a good trim and if he sits still keep on cutting. While he is so cute with his hair, it's just hair and it will grow back. We don't want him being confused for a girl! He will be handsome no matter what.

Julie Broadbent said...

let it grow

DC Diva said...

How did Ali know the trick!?

Oh Lincoln and his locks... I don't know what to tell you. We have the haircut battle too. Um, wait until he's 2 1/2 and bribe him w/ Mater? :)

You didn't even mention the "he won't look like your baby anymore" factor. I'm telling you, that first real haircut and they become a big boy. Now maybe you'll understand why I cried when you BUZZED Anderson! Be prepared. Baby to big boy!

You told me you got those sippies but you never told me how they're going. Is he drinking from them? On his own?? I love them. The pic w/ his bib, his high chair, his sippy... could be all our stuff. Love sharing great products!

I love, love, love the "so big" pic in the brown stripes. Excited to see him soon.

DC Diva said...

I should add, at about this age (Anderson's first BIG real hair cut was at 17 mo), high chair + movie + sucker = worked for AB. You remember. You did it! You did his first non-real haircut too. Maybe I owe you...

Heather Ross said...

I love the pics of angry, sweaty Lincoln! His hair is such a gorgeous color too. I think a mohawk is a win win. Short hair on the sides, long flowing locks in the middle. Best of both worlds. hahaha!!!

I don't know what I'm going to do with Bradford's hair when it's long enough to need tending. His cowlick on the center of his forehead is a monster. So cute though.

Is your high chair from Ikea? If so, do you like it? Jeremy and I were going to get it, but they were sold out of it when we went to Ikea a couple weeks ago. We still want it :)


Rob said...

At that age, a regretful haircut can only last a few months, right? When it doubt, cut it out.

Lisa Weiler said...

NO cUTS. i love the long flowy shagggggggs :)

Lisa said...

I cut Logan's hair too short when he was a baby and it made him look way too old...I cried! He is so adorable he would look handsome either way!