Monday, October 25, 2010

Lit bit of this, little bit of that

How cute are warm, footed, onesie pajamas? I want him to stay little enough to wear these and be cute in them always.

IMG_6414IMG_6411We heard that the Andy Warhol museum was free last weekend as a part of Pittsburgh’s Radical Days so we went and checked it out. It was cool…not cool enough to spend $30.00 though so we were glad we went on a free day. However, I’d recommend skipping the top floor….lots of racy photos of Marilyn Monroe. Lincoln


Then we walked one of the bridges downtown. Pittsburgh is really pretty at night.


Backtracking a bit…I turned 28 on the 14th. It was a non-eventful day except for the fact that Ryan’s sister, husband and kids came to visit that night from Detroit. It was so great to see them! They are such cute kids and it had been way to long.

IMG_6365 Last time I saw Maya she was Lincoln's age. Such a doll.


Still haven’t been able to bring myself to cut Lincoln’s hair. It’s getting pretty crazy.



Mom said...

Lincoln and Sawyer have some beautiful Harris cousins! I'm so glad they got to visit. I love this technology that lets me peek into your lives, I so enjoy your blogs. Sawyer's eyes look really blue and he's getting so BIG. Lincoln's locks are beautiful but they will grow back.

Ali Snow said...

Jammies are so cute. Lincoln and Sawyer are both so cute. Sawyer is getting so big and his eyes are so big now. I love him. I love Lincoln.

Heather Ross said...

Glad to see you guys are having fun exploring your new home/city. I used to travel to Pittsburgh for work before I moved to Cville, and I remember the city looking really pretty at night! XOXO!

DC Diva said...

Love Andy Warhol. I would have enjoyed that museum. Sawyer is so big! I'm anxious to see him soon.

As for those warm, footed pjs, don't worry he can wear them for a LONG time. I've seen them in as big as 7T! Can you imagine a 7-year-old wearing them?

Remember how LISA wears them!?!?!

The Weeds said...

I love Pittsburgh! Such a good looking family. Miss you!

Lisa Weiler said...

I LOVE his long hair!! Don't cut it. hahah. You are a babe in those picts my sis. And i love the footies pjs :)

Rach said...

So I just caught myself up on your life since you left Cville with a quick walk through your blog. Can I just say you have 2 very adorable boys and that you are a very lovely and talented woman yourself? Miss you, friend, and glad to see you are doing so well.